Home Economics


At junior high level, Home Economics aims to let students acquire the basic skills and knowledge about food, clothing and living in order for them to live independently. They will also understand the function of home, and foster an attitude and competence to make their own lives better.

At senior high level, it is expected for students to learn in a more integrated manner healthy human development and the workings of life. The importance of family and home, and the relationships of family and society are further studied. Students are expected to develop their competence and practical aptitude to create home and community life while working with both men and women.

At GKA junior and senior high school, our Home Economics curriculum deals with the subjects that students experience in everyday life: current events just happening in society, examining various possible choices with their consequences in terms of human life, family, social welfare, food, clothing, living, and consuming life. Much of traditional family life is being outsourced, values are being further diversified with the advance of globalization, and the importance of family and the relationship between home and society has been changing. Under such circumstances, to question earnestly which value to be given priority, leads to the deeper thought of how he/she wants to live his/her own life.


7th graders study food and practice cooking and experiments as much as possible (7 times in 2011). Students cook live meals while working out various elaborate plans in the limited time, which is 50 minutes. 8th graders practice to get dressed Yukata, make their own clothing or goods using a sewing machine. They also examine practical examples of living and consuming life with the help of media. 9th graders do role-play and discussion on the role of home and current social problems in child raising while making their own history of development. 11th graders integrate and dig into the overall contents which further include social welfare. As the final project, they decide their own theme and plan to make their life better and enriched, and complete their own home-project.