Computer Technology

Computer Room

Welcome to the website of the Department of Computer Studies at Gunma Kokusai Academy. GKA runs computer studies lessons from Grade 4 through Grade 11. We believe our curriculum prepares our students to move in tandem with an ever advancing world by empowering them with the right skills needed to access the latest information available and to stay ahead in everything they do. The computer studies courses aim to impart students with a basic understanding of computers as a tool to carry out learning tasks in the subjects we offer at school while at the same time, providing learning activities that can nurture the skills needed to pursue information technology as a lifelong career. The Junior High School and Senior High School curriculum is in summary:

Grade 7
Junior high 1
  1. Presentation skills: how to make a coherent and succinct presentation using PowerPoint.
  2. Databases: making a database and working with databases.
Grade 8
Junior High 2
  1. Making use of skills in desktop publishing to complete a higher-order task: The students are expected to create an online magazine. Skills required include: making of drawings of objects, word processing, data representation, making a web layout and uploading onto the internet
  2. Introduction to data handling, computations and graphing of data using spreadsheets
Grade 9
Junior High 3
  1. The rudiments of data logging and data analysis
  2. Graphing of data: independent and dependent variables
  3. Construction of graphs from raw experimental data, interpreting graphs, drawing of best-fit lines and regression lines, physical quantities and units and how they are represented on graphs
Grade 10
Senior High 1
Computers in problem solving, expressing of data using computer language and a computer's working mechanism.
Grade 11
Senior High 2
Processing of information on computers, modeling and simulations, making and using of databases