中高等部 - 2013年 冬期休業前学校集会校長講話
Secondary - Principal’s Talk on the Assembly before Winter Holidays December 18th, 2013

Principal’s Talk on the Assembly before Winter Holidays December 18th, 2013

○  Good afternoon, students. On this occasion of the whole school assembly before the winter holidays, I would like to convey my messages to all of you in my speech.

○ Since we employ the semester system at GKA, the second semester is still going on, however, you are going into a long break we call the winter holidays, so I do think that talking to you at this stage may be meaningful in many ways.

○  Winter holidays at GKA is actually rather long compared with other schools, this is my impression. In addition to this, it coincides with the festive season which includes both Christmas and New Year’s, when family and friends share quality time together.

○ It’s great to mingle with a variety of people and have lots of fun. However, I would like you to keep your own pace so that you can be independent of any inappropriate influence upon your daily life.

○ I would like every student to take care of themselves during this long break. I am looking forward to seeing you again at the school gym on January 8th, 2014.

○ Well, today, I would like to refer to how to be a good speaker. Many of you probably know about Ms. Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl, who made an impressive and powerful speech at the United Nations general assembly.  She insisted on the importance of education for young people like herself.  Her speech at the UN general assembly has been broadcasted many times on TV, so I guess you can know how influential it is. 

○ In her speech she appealed to the Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon that they contribute by providing children of the world in hardship the chance of getting education.  Her consistent idea is that education can change the fate of children’s lives.  She endangered her own life by having been shot in the brain by Terrorists, however, amazingly enough, she never succumbed or gave up, rather she rose up against antagonistic powers.

○ I watched the video carefully many times and reached the following conclusion.  There seems to be a variety of reasons why Malala’s speech impresses those people who listen to her. 

① Malala talks about her own life-and-death experience. 
② Malala does not read her speech but tries to talk to the audience. 
③ Malala understands all the contents of her speech. 
④ Malala makes efforts trying to convince the audience. 
 ⑤ Malala speaks to the audience with voice loud enough to be heard. 
⑥ Malala tries to convey her message to the audience with confidence.
⑦ Malala … 

○ There may be even more reasons why she is an effective speaker if you take a careful look at her speech.  You can download Malala’s speech at the United Nations general assembly on the internet.  If you haven’t listened to her speech, I by all means recommend you take a look at it.  I can positively say that it would do you good in the sense that you may get some hint or idea

that hopefully will be of great help or use in improving your speech skills.

○ One of the reasons why I chose this topic for today’s speech is that it might be timely to do so because we had the Speech Contest just yesterday.  I wonder how you enjoyed it.  As for me I really enjoyed all the speakers’ speeches very much. I think they did a very good job yesterday. 

○ Though the place was not at the United Nations but our School Gym at GKA, all the speakers must have felt some nervousness. I am now talking to you, I am having some nervousness as a matter of fact, and I wonder if Malala may have been feeling a certain amount of nervousness while making such an important speech in front of many important representatives from all over the world. However, she looks very calm and deliberate while speaking.  
Why? Why does she look that way?
  My answer is that she must have spent much time in preparation and practice and that she must be feeling a sort of obligation or responsibility for her people or friends to speak out for them. Her background and her own efforts seem to have had her look that way.

○  Well, I know that all of you are blessed with many chances in which you make speeches or presentations. I have three points of advice to you. First, in making a speech, take time in preparation, polishing it many times so that it gets better.  Secondly, don’t fail to include something important in the message of your speech to your audience.  Thirdly, practice again and again until you feel that you are confident with your speech.  As is often the case, practice makes perfect.

○ I would like to conclude my speech by wishing all of you a very enjoyable and fulfilling winter holidays.  I do hope that we will be able to see each and everyone of you for the whole school assembly on January 8th, 2014.

 That’s all for my speech.

Thank you for your attention

冬期休業前学校集会校長講話             2013年12月18日

○ 生徒の皆さん今日は。冬期休業を前にして生徒の皆さんにお話をします。

○ GKAではまだ後期の途中ですが、長い冬期休業に入るこのタイミングで話をすることは意味があると考えます。本校の休暇は他と比べて長く、また、休暇中にはクリスマスや新年があり家族や友達などと一緒に長い時間を過ごすことになります。自分のペースをしっかりと守りながら毎日生活してください。健康管理もきちんと行い、年が明けて1月8日に再び皆さんにお会いすることを楽しみにしています。

○ 今日は、良き話し手になるコツを話します。皆さんはパキスタン人の少女、マララ・ユサフザイさんのことを知っているでしょう。彼女は国際連合の総会で聴衆に感銘を与える力強いスピーチをしました。彼女は若い人たちには教育が重要であることを訴え、テレビでも何度も放送されました。

○ 彼女はスピーチで、潘基文(パンギムン)国連事務総長に苦難の中にいる世界の子どもたちに教育を受ける機会を与えるよう訴えました。彼女は、教育は子どもたちの人生、運命を変える、と一貫して考えを述べています。マララさんは、テロリストたちに頭部を撃たれ生命の危機に見舞われましたが、それに屈すること無く敵対する権力に対して立ち上がりました。

○ 私は何度もビデオを入念に見て次のような考えに至りました。マララさんのスピーチが耳を傾ける人たちを感動させるには多くの理由がある。 

① マララさんは、自分自身の生死にかかわる体験を語っている。  
② マララさんは、原稿を読むのでなく、聴衆に話しかけている。  
③ マララさんは、スピーチの内容をしっかりと理解している。  
④ マララさんは、聴衆を納得させる努力をしている。  
⑤ マララさんは、聴衆に十分届く声で話しかけている。  
⑥ マララさんは、自信をもって聴衆に考えを伝えようとしている。  
⑦ マララさんは、・・・

○ 注意深く彼女のスピーチを聴けば、人に力強い印象を与える理由が更に見つかるでしょう。インターネットでマララさんのスピーチはダウンロードできます。まだ聴いたことのない人には聴いてみることをお勧めします。なぜかと言うと、スピーチを上達させるヒントや考え方が見つかると思うからです。


○ 会場は国際連合ではなく、GKAの体育館でしたが、スピーチした人たちは緊張していたはずです。今、話をしている私自身も緊張しています。マララさんも、きっとあのスピーチをした時には緊張したのではないかと思います。世界各国を代表する重要な人たちの前で話したのですから。しかしながら、スピーチをしているマララさんはとても落ち着いていました。なぜ、そんな風に見えたのでしょう。


○ 皆さんは色々な場面でスピーチやプレゼンテーションをする機会があります。3点助言をします。一つは、準備をしっかりして中身を充実させること。二つ目は、聴衆に聴いてもらうメッセージに大切なことを入れること。三つ目は、自信が持てるまで練習すること。「習うより慣れろ」です。