中高等部 - 2014年 冬期休業明け学校集会校長講話
Secondary - 2014 Principal’s Talk at the Assembly after Winter Holidays

Principal’s Talk at the Assembly after Winter Holidays        January 8th, 2014

○  Good morning, students. Happy New Year!  On this occasion of the whole school assembly after the winter holidays, I would like to convey my messages to all of you.  It’s great to see you all after 20 days’ break, striding across the year’s end and this  new year.

○ Though you are still halfway toward the end of the school year, the beginning of a whole year sounds very brisk and refreshing.  The cold and severe weather peculiar to this season also makes us feel this way.  To take a deep breath on the typical winter morning enables us to appreciate cool and crisp air particularly when it is a clear day like today.

○  12th graders, how are you? Time flies, doesn’t it?  In less than two months you will graduate.  In about one month you will begin a special period when you will   study at home, I mean what you call, Katei-gakushu.  The total number of the days when you are supposed to attend school is very few as a matter of fact.  I would like you to make much of each day at school and get ready for your new life which starts in April.

○ 11th graders, in three months you are going to be GKA’s eldest students. It will be your turn to get ready for the future. Try to be conscious of the fact that only a little more than a year is left for all of you.○ 10th graders, you have already decided which course, whether IB or Domestic University course, you will take. If you are not wide awake for your future, now is the very good time for being so, ok?

○ 9th graders, you are facing a very important period, a turning point in your secondary school life, whether or not you move onto another school or stay at GKA. Why not finish strong your junior high school life at GKA? There is only three months to go.

○ 8th graders, you are going to be the eldest students of the junior high at GKA in a couple of months, and you are kindly expected to be good models both in Bukatsu and  the academics. Try to meet the expectations of others, particularly of your juniors or Kohai.

○ 7th graders, it seems that all of you have finally gotten used to school life at the  Uchigashima Campus, right?  I would like you to think about your school life and   be welcoming to the new 7th graders arriving soon.  I also look forward to both your physical growth and spiritual development. 

○ Today I will choose bamboo as a topic to illustrate good fortune in the new year.    If you take a close look at bamboo, you will notice that there are some knots or   swollen parts on the long plant.  It’s called Fushi in Japanese, meaning the spots   combining of two different parts. We have many joints over our whole body, whose function is essential for moving various parts of our body.

○ Do you know there is a place called Fujiwara near Minakami, Gunma?  I hear it snows as much as two meters.  I imagine what bamboo trees there will become of when it snows so much upon them.  My guess is that those bamboo trees, once covered with thick snow, will stand the huge weight of snow because they have many Fush or knots on their stems.

○ What I would like to point out here is that there is flow in life and that specific  points in time are very meaningful. Now you are at the very beginning of the new year, ready for a new start in the new year.  To look over things around you or to have a clear perspective toward your future sounds so exciting.  Why don’t you have your own resolution or reset your goals for the future?  I am sure that this time of year is an appropriate time for you to do so. 

○ I would like to conclude my speech by wishing you all good luck and good health.  Please take care of yourselves so that you won’t catch cold.  Keep on going with your academic learning and Bukatsu towards the end of the school year. Thanks for your attention.   

冬期休業明け学校集会校長講話           2014年1月8日

○ 生徒の皆さん、お早うございます。新年おめでとう。冬期休業明け学校集会にあたり、皆さんに話をします。年末年始20日間の休暇を終え、皆さんと再会できとても嬉しいです。

○ 年度末までにはまだ時間がありますが、年の初めはやはりとても清々しい感じがします。冷たく厳しいこの季節が私たちにそう感じさせてくれます。真冬の朝、晴れた日には特に、深呼吸をすれば、寒くて身の引き締まるような気持ちを味わえます。

○ 12年生は元気ですか。時の流れは速く、2カ月足らずで、皆さんは本校を卒業します。約1カ月後には家庭学習となります。実際、皆さんが登校する日数は少ないですので、一日一日を大事にして、4月から始まる新しい生活にしっかり備えてください。

○ 11年生は3カ月後には最高学年となります。今度は皆さんが将来のことを切実に考える番です。残された期間は1年余りであることを認識してください。

○ 10年生は、IBコースと国内進学コースのいずれかにするかは決めましたね。進路について漠然と考えている人は、今が大事です。

○ 9年生は、中高等部において、他校受験の有無にかかわらず、今大事な分岐点を迎えています。GKA中等部で最後の仕上げをしてください。あと3カ月です。

○ 8年生は、もうすぐ中等部最高学年となります。部活動、学習の両面において良きお手本となることが求められています。まわりから、特に後輩たちの期待に応えてください。

○ 7年生は、すっかり内ヶ島キャンパスでの学校生活にも慣れましたね。その学校生活を良く振り返り、新7年生を迎える準備をしましょう。皆さんの心身ともに良好な成長を期待しています。

○ さて、今日は新年に因んで縁起の良い竹の話をしましょう。長い竹を良く見ると、膨らんだ箇所が幾つかあります。これは節と呼ばれ、二つの別の部分を結びつけています。また、私たちの身体には沢山の節があり、あちこちを動かすのに大切な働きをしています。

○ 群馬県水上の奥に藤原と呼ばれる地区があるのを知っていますか。雪が2メートル近くも降ることがあるそうです。そんなに雪が降ったら、現地の竹はどうなってしまうのでしょう。これは私の推測ですが、竹には節が沢山あるから大量の雪の重みにも耐えられるのではないか。

○ ここで、私が言いたいことは、人生には節目という大事なタイミングがあるということです。今皆さんは新年の始りの時に臨んでいます。自分自身を良く見つめ、将来に向けて明確な見通しが持てれば、皆さんは胸をわくわくさせるはずです。未来に向けて決心する、或いは目標を調整してみてはどうでしょう。一年のこの時期はそれに適したタイミングです。

○ 生徒の皆さんの幸せと健康を願い私の話を締めくくります。