中高等部 - 2014年 立志式校長式辞
Secondary - Principal’s speech at the ceremony of Coming of Age Day January 31st , 2014

Principal’s speech at the ceremony of Coming of Age Day  January 31st , 2014

○ Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and students.  Representing GKA Secondary School, I would like to deliver a ceremonial address for all the 8th graders that have reached Coming of Age Day today.  Congratulations!

○ I found that the phrase of coming of age could be applied for meaning two different ages, the first, meaning the age of 20, for which we celebrate young people on a national holiday as you know.  And the second, meaning the age of 15 as counted in the old manner of reckoning one’s age. We celebrate those who have reached this age in the form of Risshi-shiki just as we are doing today, by gathering here at the school gymnasium to celebrate all the 8th graders.

○ The phrase of Risshi consists of two Chinese characters, literally meaning to  have a strong will or wish for the prospects for one’s future. It seems that more schools are introducing this traditional way of celebration on behalf of young people, which I find really significant. Before getting down to the point, I would like to refer to the historical background concerning this ceremonial event.  I hear that young people at the age of around 13 in those old days were considered and expected to be old enough to be independent as a mature and responsible adult with a decisive will or dream for their future.  It seems to me that this kind of expectation for them was rather tough, however, it’s amazing that those young people definitely made efforts to meet the expectations they faced.

○ On this occasion of celebrating our 8th graders for reaching Coming of Age Day, I would like to convey my messages to all of them that gather here today.  I have  two messages.  One of them is that you should express your gratitude toward all the people that have contributed to your growth, toward people close to you including your family, particularly your parents. Without their efforts, understanding and assistance, it would have been extremely difficult for you to be the person you are today.  Accordingly I do think that it is extremely meaningful that you should appreciate their commitment to you respectively because in your daily life it seems that you find it difficult to arrange an opportunity to deliberately show appreciation. However, today could be a very good chance for you to say “Thank you,” to people who are so close to you. 

○ The second message is that you should possess a clear image of your future, in other words, you should have a dream or wish, and I could say that you should have a strong will or determination toward your own future.  As you know, there seems to be more and more Japanese athletes leaving Japan and participating in fully global activities by joining teams or clubs of many different sports abroad. 

○ A football player, Mr. Keisuke Honda is one of those many Japanese athletes doing their best to represent Japan outside of our country. On January 8th it was announced that Mr. Honda has joined the Italian giants AC Milan after having played for CSKA Moscow for three years.  The No.10 shirt that he is wearing is considered to be very important and responsible for the team’s attacking style.  It seems that he has been doing his best in countries so far away from home. 

○ What amazed me most about this topic was that Mr. Honda himself appealed to the team’s authority for the No. 10 shirt.  Needless to say, he has long awaited this chance since he was a kid.  He never gave up, and must have made tremendous amounts of effort so that he could finally make his dream come true. 

○  It is not an easy job to realize one’s own dream, particularly when your goal is  very ambitious.  However, without clearly seeing your target you would have no chance of hitting it. For example, when you desire to reach the top of Mt. Fuji, the first thing you have to do is make a plan to get there. Then you decide when you start, who you go with, and how you will climb the world famous and highest mountain in our country.

○ It may not be the case all the time that every dream successfully comes true. Some hardships might attack you on your way and prevent you from realizing your dream or force you to reset your goal.  However, to look into your future by taking a positive attitude and continuing your efforts makes a big difference.  The whole process of this, regardless of the result, becomes a precious experience and a priceless asset in your life.  Why don’t you make up your own dream and make all the possible efforts to make it come true?  

○ I would like to conclude my speech by wishing all the 8th graders good luck, good health and a bright future in the years to come.  Thank you for your attention.

 立志式校長式辞                 2014年1月31日

○ 皆様、今日は。本日、立志式を挙行するのに当たり、GKA中高等部を代表して式辞を申し上げます。第8学年の皆さん、おめでとうございます。

○ 「成人する(大人になる)」と言う表現には2つの意味があります。一つは二十歳を意味し、国民の祝日としてこの年齢になった若者を祝福します。二つ目は、数え年(生まれた年を一歳とし、以後正月になると一歳を加えて数える年齢)で十五歳を意味します。この立志式ではこの年齢に達した人たち、本校では第8学年の皆さんを祝福すべく、体育館に集まっていただきました。

○ 「立志」という表現は二つの漢字で出来ていて、文字どおり人が将来に向けて強い意志や希望を持つことを意味します。若者を祝福するこの伝統的な慣習を取り入れている学校は増えてきており、私はこのことを意義深いことであると考えます。


○ この立志式に臨んでいる第8学年の皆さんに対し二点申し上げます。第一は、皆さんの成長を支えてくれた身近な人々、中でも家族、特にご両親に対して感謝の気持ちを表すことです。今日皆さんがこうして在るのは、かかわって下さった人々の努力、理解そして支援のお陰であります。日々の生活の中ではこの感謝の気持ちを伝えることは難しいので、今回は絶好の機会ですので、「ありがとう」の気持ちを是非伝えましょう。

○ 第二は、自分の将来を具体的に思い描くことです。言い換えれば、夢や希望を持つこと、自分自身の将来に対して強い意志や決意を抱くことです。現在、日本人運動選手が次から次へと日本を離れ、海外の多様なスポーツチーム等に入り世界的に活躍しています。

○ サッカーの本田圭佑選手は海外で頑張っている運動選手の一人です。去る1月8日には、本田選手が3年間プレーしたチャスクモスクワからイタリアのACミランに入団したとの報道がありました。今回、本田選手が身につける背番号「10番」はチームの攻撃をつかさどる重要かつ責任の重い番号であると言われています。このように、彼は、日本から遠く離れた異国でずっと頑張ってきています。

○ この話題で私が驚いたことは、本田選手は自らこの背番号を身につけたいと当局に申し出たことです。言うまでもなく、本田選手は、子どもの頃からずっと正にこのチャンスを心待ちにしていたのです。決して諦めることなく、自分の夢の実現のために幾多の努力を積み重ねてきたのです。

○ 人が自身の夢を叶えることは容易なことではありません。とても大きな夢を目指す場合は特に。しかし、自分自身の目標を設定することなく、そこに辿り着くことはできません。例えば、富士山の登頂を目指す場合、先ずすべきことはそこに辿り着くための計画を立てなければなりません。そして、いつ出発するのか、誰と登るのか、それから、世界的にも有名で日本で一番高い山にどのようにして登るのかを決めなくてはなりません。

○ すべての夢がいつも上手く実現するとは限りません。困難が行く手を阻み、夢の実現が叶わないこともあるかも知れませんし、目標の設定し直す場合もあるでしょう。しかし、前向きな姿勢で将来に目を向け努力を継続するかしないかで大きな違いが生まれます。結果の如何にかかわらず、この努力するというプロセスは人生における大切な経験、とても貴重な財産になるのです。さあ、あなた自身の夢を思い描き、それを実現するために可能な限りの努力をしてみましょう。

○ 第8学年の生徒の皆さんのこれからの幸運、健康そして輝かしい未来を願い式辞といたします。ご静聴ありがとうございました