中高等部 - 2014年度 前期始業式校長講話
Secondary - Principal’s Talk, First Semester Opening Day Ceremony, April 7, 2014

 Principal’s Talk, First Semester Opening Day Ceremony,  April 7, 2014

○ Good morning, students of all grades at Gunma Kokusai Academy Secondary School.  
The new academic year has finally started.  
Seventh grade students, welcome to our campus at Uchigashima.  
And eighth to twelfth graders, we are very pleased to see you all after the spring break.
Welcome back to school and congratulations on your promotions to the next grade.   

 ○  I have long been looking forward to this day, having you all at school and getting the new academic year off to a great start here at the school gym.  
Spring is a good season for us to begin something, not necessarily to do with school but in Japanese society in general.  
One reason why I think this way is that the weather is getting milder and we tend to feel comfortable as we move around.  
Flowers and plants are growing vigorously, full of energy under the warmth of Spring sunshine and occasional rain. 

○ As is often the case, I would like to refer to the meaning of this season of Spring.
It has many varied meanings.  As a verb it means to move quickly in a particular direction, jumping up suddenly, which probably provides us with a very cheerful image.
 It also means this beautiful season between summer and winter, and, yet another definition, it means a place where water comes up naturally from the ground.
Every time I think of the meaning of the word, spring, it fills me with tremendous energy and vitality.

○ On this occasion of the very beginning of the new academic year, I would like to focus on three points. 

○ Firstly, I want you to try your best in each lesson, every day.  
All teachers are preparing their hardest to be ready for every lesson.
They are striving as much as possible to make all their lessons interesting and understandable for you to follow. You in turn must concentrate on your lessons every day.
You must learn a great deal from every single lesson.
The first priority for students should be daily lessons.  Your efforts little by little will make a huge difference in the long run.  

○ Secondly, I want you to appreciate the English Speaking Policy and to promote it by speaking and using more English voluntarily than you have done so far.  In fact I am not completely satisfied with the status quo as far as this policy is concerned.  I do hope that we will be able to change the atmosphere of our campus into more of an English-oriented environment.  In order to achieve this goal, all teachers, staff, and of course you, all the students at GKA need to make the most sincere and concrete effort.  I have asked all teachers to create as many chances as possible for you, students, to use or speak English both during classes and all the rest of time that you spend at school. 

○ To my pleasant surprise, I have received many letters from students of the language committee kindly suggesting that we should create an English speaking environment.
This response pleased me greatly now I know that many of you do indeed respect our English Speaking Policy and appreciate it.  Now then, what should we do?  
The answer is simple.
 Everyone should make an effort – both teachers and students.
You as students also must do your best in every way you can.
For instance, if you are spoken to in Japanese, you can and should respond in English.  
That’s the spirit that we need to see here.  The student council should come up with some good definite ideas and plans.  
Why not?  
Once again, let me remind you that I, as principal, want to make all of us fully aware of the need to change the status.

○ Thirdly, I want to make sure that we at GKA will not tolerate bullying.
We must be careful about human relations by respecting other people.  
The rule that I have always in mind, the sentence that I want you to remember is,
“Don’t do anything to another person that would upset you if done to you.”  I repeat,
“Don’t do anything to another person that would upset you if done to you.” In other words,
as written in ancient scriptures, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Do you know why?  Because every student is created equal and has a right to be happy.  

○ There is a saying, “So many men, so many heads.” You may find your friend’s idea different from yours. It does not follow that you should resort to violence or speak ill of him or her.
 You should exchange ideas.
If you don’t reach agreement, you still need to recognize the other person’s view and respect the difference.  

○ In that spirit, I do earnestly hope that we will lessen the number of incidents in which people are hurt by bullying, whether physically or verbally.
I strongly believe that we can and should improve the environment of human relations by making every effort at understanding one another.  
If it should happen that anyone is annoyed by improper behavior, please let us know about it.  You can talk to anyone whom you trust, your homeroom teachers, parents, and, of course, me.  
Please do not feel that you are alone or isolated.
Bullying in any form should never be approved or justified.  
Every student has the right to be happy and confident of his or her value as a citizen and member of the GKA community.

○ Finally, I am looking forward to observing lessons every day while you are studying so hard to learn all you can. I would also like to visit athletic and cultural events as often as possible so that I can say hello to you and cheer you on. Whatever you are doing, you may be sure that I am your biggest fan.

○ I would like to conclude by wishing you all the best in the months to come.  
Please enjoy your school life as much as possible and study hard. Okay?
Will you do that for me – and for yourselves?
 Good luck to each and every one of you.
Thank you very much.

  2014年度前期始業式校長講話          2014年4月7日

○ ぐんま国際アカデミー中高等部の生徒の皆さん、お早うございます。

○ 私は今日の日を待ちわびていました。皆さんを迎えて、この体育館で新年度が始まるのです。

○ 私は、この季節になると、よく「スプリング」の意味に言及します。

○ 新年度が始まるこの機会に3つのことを話します。

○ 第2は、English Speaking Policyの意味を理解し推進することです。

○ じつは、ランゲージ委員会の生徒たちから、思いがけず多数の手紙を頂きました。内容は英語を話す環境を作るべきだとの意見で、English Speaking Policyを守り、その大切さを認めるべき、とのこと。では、何をしたら良いのでしょう。答えは簡単です。誰もが努力をすることです。先生も生徒も。生徒の皆さんは、可能な限り努力してください。例えば、日本語で話しかけられても、英語で対応できるし、すべきです。その気力が大事です。生徒会も何か明確な考えや計画があれば出して欲しいです。校長として、現状を変える必要性をもう一度皆さんにしっかりと意識して欲しいのです。

○ 第3は、GKAでは、いじめを容認しないということを確認しておきます。
「自分がされて嫌なことは相手に対してしてはいけない。」繰り返して言います。「嫌だと思うことは相手に対してもしない」ということです。言い換えると、古文書にもあるとおり、「己の欲する所を人に施せ」であります。なぜでしょう。すべての生徒は平等であり、幸せになる権利があるからです。○ こんな格言があります。「十人十色」あなたの考えと友人の考えが異なることもあるでしょう。

○ このような気持ちを持つことで、いじめで身体も心も傷つく人の数を減らしたいと強く願っています。

○ 最後になりますが、皆さんが毎日一生懸命に学んでいる様子を観てまわることを楽しみにしています。

○ これからの何ヶ月間、皆さんの頑張りを期待して話を終わります。学校生活を大いに楽しみ、大いに学んでください。