GKA accepted for Promotion of Pre-University Research Activities in Science Program

GKA accepted for Promotion of Pre-University Research Activities in Science program.
Last month, the GKA science department received good news from the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). We were awarded a grant called the Promotion of Pre-University Research Activities in Science.

JST accepted our proposal! We want to express our deep gratitude to each person involved in this project, especially the Gunma University professors, our science teachers and Mr. Suzuki, the SHIP member who introduced us to them. 

This was a real team effort and which could help with a Super Science High School application in the future and we strongly feel that this is an important in creating a science program that links our local society to the global scientific community. 

Hopefully, we can nurture a sustainable relationship which will enable us to produce a continuous stream of excellent young international scientists at GKA, who will move out into the world, through Gunma University. With much joy, this little seed has been sown in the rich Gunma soil. We hope to cultivate it under the warm Gunma sun.

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