前期終業式校長講話 2014年9月30日
First Semester-end Ceremony Principal’s Talk September 30th, 2014


First Semester-end Ceremony Principal’s Talk   September 30th, 2014

Good afternoon, students. Amazingly enough, six months have already passed since the new academic year, 2014, started in April. I am very pleased to be sharing the feeling that we are somehow reaching this point in the school calendar.

    As I have repeatedly noted in reference to student life at GKA Secondary, my general impression is: so far, so good.  Almost everything at the school seems to be running reasonably well.  You may be interested in what I as principal am particularly happy about.  I am not talking about anything really super special but rather some of the ordinary aspects of our every day activities. I’m thinking of all the happenings in our daily lives that teachers and parents have come to expect, perhaps to take for granted – though as we all know they are not necessarily so easy to achieve.

Let me cite some examples for your understanding.  First, most of the students seem vigorous or energetic as they approach school life,   GKA Secondary. They display this kind of enthusiasm not only in classes but also in extracurricular activities – even during lunch breaks.  It’s always so heartening, so wonderful to see you engaged actively in your activities. I love to watch your every day behavior.

The main reason I feel this way is that you possess so much energy, hidden talents and power that could be interpreted as a sure sign of great possibilities and potential for your future in college and later in life. 

Second, I am so happy about your attitude in daily classes.  Concentration on each lesson and eagerness to learn are the key.  As you know, I visit as many classes as possible and can sense right away that you are doing fine work -- that is, for the most part -- except for a few instances where problems occur. 

Third, there has been a great deal of effort on the part of many students in the past six months to meet all challenges. Students have shown their determination in practice for Sports Day, in a wide range of extracurricular activities and in official games, matches and educational contests.

          Let me now raise several extremely important points as we move to the main topic of these remarks.

First, we must always remember and abide by GKA’s English Policy.  Yes, as you know very well, I have talked about this policy quite often. Let me simply remind you again of the importance of this policy. We are trying to inculcate this concept in all of you. We are well under way, but we need to try still harder, to make more strenuous and continual efforts before we can be really happy with what we’ve accomplished.

Second, let me again raise the sensitive, crucial topic of bullying. Yes, I did touch on this topic in my remarks to all of you in early April.  Looking back on all that’s happened during the first semester, I am sorry to realize that I cannot say in all honesty that we have had no instances of bullying.

As I told you then, we at GKA will not tolerate bullying. Do you remember what I said whenever I raised this topic?  Let me remind you of my remark -- “Don’t do anything to another person that would upset you if done to you.” Another way of expressing this thought is the old saying, “Do unto others as they would do unto you.”

If it should happen that anyone is annoyed by improper behavior, please let us know about it. Do not hesitate to tell us.  This is very important.  You can talk to anyone whom you trust, your homeroom teachers, parents, and, of course, me.  Please do not feel that you are alone or isolated. Bullying in any form should never be tolerated or justified.  Every student has the right to be happy and confident of his or her value as a citizen and member of the GKA community.

         Before closing I would like to talk about my own experience at the beginning of August when I had to go to Tokyo for two nights and three days to participate in what was called a development workshop. I had never previously participated in this type of program and was thrilled to be able to go.  

The workshop was held in the midst of the hottest season of the year.  Many administrators from other prefectures nationwide were attending to advance their understanding and commitment to the International Baccalaureate program. On my way to and from the school where the workshop was held, I stayed for two nights in a hotel in Ikebukuro where rooms were reserved for us. Yes, I was totally exhausted from carrying heavy pieces of luggage.

         Thanks to the tight schedule and toughness of the workshop, I picked up many favorable impressions from this experience. I got the sense that we were really developing opportunities for all of us, and I was deeply impressed by the attitude of the participants. They were all eager to learn and obtain fresh information in order to make the best use of what they learned when they got back to their schools.

You could hardly believe how impassioned the discussions were. We were all assigned to different groups where we were encouraged to speak out, exchange ideas and talk frankly. The result was that participants in each group engaged in such heated conversations and exchanges of opinions that the leader in charge had to remind us to be aware of the time and follow his or her directions. It was as though we were students in school again and had to listen carefully to orders from the teacher.

Probably the real lesson of the workshop is that people, no matter who they are or what positions they hold, must have clear and specific aims or objectives. They must be highly motivated to work hard, to show their desire to fulfill their dreams of success and fulfillment. 

Yes, I wish to emphasize that this idea applies to you, to all students gathered here. That’s the lesson that I learned from my own exciting, invigorating experience in Tokyo. I’m so happy to have been able to share this experience with you today.

We are now entering the autumn break when school is closed for several days.  Before beginning the second half of the academic school year, 2014, I would like to suggest that this interval offers a fine chance for you to reset your school life, to get ready mentally for the next six months of life at GKA.  I would like to conclude by wishing you all the best of luck and to urge that you make the greatest use of this rather limited break. And I greatly look forward to seeing all of you right here at this school gym on October 6th.  Thank you for your attention.

前期終業式校長講話               2014年9月30日