後期始業式校長講話 2014年10月6日
Second Semester-opening Ceremony Principal’s Talk October 6th, 2014

Second Semester-opening Ceremony Principal’s Talk      October 6th, 2014    

 Good morning, students.  Welcome back to school after the five-day autumn break.
That’s considerably shorter than summer vacation, but I’m sure you’re now fully refreshed, ready for the second half of the school year. 
    Twelfth graders, you have only five more months left before your graduation from GKA in March.  Of course, you know you must study hard. Please make much of each day that is available for you.  Please enjoy every remaining moment of your lives at GKA. 
    Eleventh graders, nobody but you will be leading the school after this semester is done. As the eldest, you will be the ones to set the example for all the other students. By this time next year, as you already are well aware, you will be very busy in many ways. I need hardly remind you how necessary it is for you to be fully ready to take on these added responsibilities.     Tenth graders, I’m so sorry they’re not here today. They’ve been fortunate enough to be in North America on a school trip.  They’re learning so much during their visit to another very different country, the United States. They’re discovering a unique culture and society. I’m sure they’re learning a great deal from this adventure. The entire experience will benefit them for all their lives.
     Ninth graders, please learn to study hard and make the most of your lives here at GKA. You will then be able to conclude your three years of junior high school in a most favorable and satisfactory way.
      Eighth graders, your school trip to Kyoto and Nara is just around the corner.
My advice is that you trust in your intuition and innate sense when you see with your own eyes the famous statue of Buddha as well as many other ancient structures and sites.
     Seventh graders, by now I’m happy to say you’re now GKA Secondary students through and through.  Please do try your very best in both classes and extracurricular activities.  I want you to learn to meet new challenges and explore the world around you with a fresh and all-consuming curiosity. 
    Since we are finally in the season of autumn, I would like to talk about reading books. Many of you already know that GKA has a great library. Please take advantage of this opportunity to expand your minds through literature. I’ve been very glad to find that quite a few students at GKA have good reading habits.  Actually many of you are engaged in reading activities in your school life. Every time I visit the school library I come across many students reading books or attending classes in a wide range of subjects.
       Reading is so important that I’ve asked our librarian, Ms. Watanabe, what she most expects of you, GKA students, when it comes to reading books. Her response is simple. As she puts it, “The Library is the Universe of Knowledge.”  She tells me these were the words of her aunt, who also used to be a school librarian.Now that her aunt has retired, Ms. Watanabe carries on the tradition.  She wants everyone to get in the habit of taking advantage of the resources of the library in search of both the fun and the information that can only be found in books. Please accept her advice. She is there to give you information and knowledge.  Here’s her great advice -- “Knock on the door to this universe for your own adventure!”  Here’s my own comment in addition to our librarian’s message on reading books and utilizing the library’s facilities.  First, the reading habit, once established, can lead us to the state in which we are blessed with much knowledge and information, with our hearts and lives enriched and full of happiness. Second, your competence and skills in reading books or researching a topic in quest of specific information will be essential. Remember, the more or harder you study, particularly when you find yourselves at a higher level, the better prepared you will be for universities or graduate schools in the future.Third, the library is not simply the place where lots of books are stored on shelves. It is a living monument to knowledge.  GKA Secondary’s library carries out its mission in an amazing variety of ways ranging from lending books to holding contests for drawing pictures and writing essays in association with reading books. Our librarian and faculty members recognize those students who read many books.  They put up posters introducing new books for the benefit of all of you.  Special work on reading is a unique activity peculiar to GKA Secondary. The idea is to assist you in acquiring the reading habit, increasing vocabulary, enhancing your expressions, and of course, enabling you to learn to concentrate on the book in front of you while relaxing from the reading experience.I’ve been glad to learn that this new practice is gaining popularity, and I hope that more and more students will come to appreciate the opportunity.All right, we’re now in one of the loveliest times of year. For these few months of autumn, we can expect beautiful weather as the leaves turn from green to gold and red and the hot weather of summer becomes cool and pleasant.  Besides reading books, you can enjoy sports and of course appreciate art and music in keeping with the spirit of the autumn season.
    That said, I must not forget to remind you of the importance of your studies.  My simple but sincere advice is that all students at GKA Secondary will lead full lives during the second half of the school year.  In order to succeed in the second semester you need above all to concentrate on every daily lesson as well as extracurricular activities.  Good luck to each and every one of you!  Thank you for your attention.

 後期始業式校長講話                     2014年10月6日

いよいよ秋の季節の到来ですので、読書の話をします。GKAには立派な図書館がありますが、ここで文学作品や文献に接し進んで心を広げてください。結構多くの生徒が読書の習慣が身についており、学校生活の中でも本を読む活動を行っています。図書館を訪ねる度に、読書に親しんでいる生徒がいたり、様々な授業で図書館を利用している場面を見かけます。 読書の重要性について、図書館司書の渡邉先生に尋ねてみました。本を読むことについて、GKAの生徒に一番期待することを尋ねてみました。「図書館は知識の詰まった宇宙」である。この言葉は、司書をされていた先生のおば様からいただいたものだそうです。おば様が退職された後もこの言葉を大事にしているそうです。図書館が有する知識や情報の資源を活用する習慣を身につけ、本を通してしか得られない楽しみや情報を探して欲しい。図書館に行けば、先生は、情報と知識を得る支援をしてくれます。先生自身からはこんなアドバイスをいただきました。「知識がいっぱい詰まった宇宙の扉をノックし、冒険の旅に出よう!」 読書する習慣は一度身につけると、知識や情報が入りやすくなり、その分、心や生活或いは人生が豊かになり、幸せにつながります。

第二に、読書する能力やスキル、特定の情報を調べる検索力は重要となります。学びはすればするほど、将来、大学や大学院レベルになると特に、一層このことが求められます。第三に、図書館は単に本棚に本が収まっている場所ではありません。そこは、生きた空間であり知識が詰まっている場所なのです。 GKA中高等部の図書館は、驚くほど多様なミッションを果たしています。図書の貸し出しはもとより、読書絵画や読書感想文コンテストを行ったり、多読の生徒を表彰することも行っています。新刊図書の紹介ポスターを作成して周知もしています。リーディングワークは中高等部ならではの特別な活動です。読書習慣を身につけること、語彙を増やすこと、表現力を身につけること、そして、目の前にある本を楽しみつつも、集中力も身につけるのです。この新しい活動は人気があり、もっと多くの生徒がその良さを実感できるようになればと願っています。 今は、好季節の時期。木々の葉も色づき、気温も下がり快適な天候が期待できます。読書に加えて、スポーツ、芸術、音楽の秋を楽しみましょう。もちろん勉強の大切さも忘れてはなりません。年度の後半を中高等部の生徒の皆さんが精一杯に送ってくれることを心から願っています。後期の学校生活が上手く行くよう、日々の授業と部活動はとりわけ集中して取り組みましょう。皆さん一人一人の頑張りを応援しています。