立志式 校長式辞 2015年1月30日
Principal’s speech at the ceremony of Coming-of-Age Day January 30th, 2015

Principal’s speech at the ceremony of Coming-of-Age Day    January 30th, 2015

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, teachers and students.  
the principal of GKA Secondary School, I would like to congratulate all eighth graders on reaching the Coming-of-Age Day today.  
The phrase Risshi, as you may know, literally means to have a strong will or wish for one’s future prospects. Lately more schools seem to be introducing this traditional way of celebrating such an important milestone in the lives of all young people, and I personally find it very meaningful in many ways.
Historically, I hear that young people at the age of around 13 in old times were considered old enough to be independent as mature and responsible adults with a decisive will or dream for their future. 
In my mind this kind of expectation for them must have been rather tough. However, it’s amazing that those young people definitely made tremendous efforts to meet the expectations of their parents and teachers.We celebrate other important years on the way to becoming real adults.
We have a national holiday in honor of all those who reached the age of twenty that year, and we also honor all those reaching the age of fifteen in the same year.
We count age in the traditional style of Risshi-shiki just as we are doing today by gathering here at the school gym to celebrate the coming of age of all the 8th graders.  
On this occasion, marking such an important event in the lives of 8th graders, I would like to convey my own special messages for all of you that gathered here. First of all, 8th graders, I would like to ask that you express your personal gratitude to all the people who have contributed to your growth, especially to those who are closest to you – that is, your immediate family, particularly your parents.
Without their efforts, understanding and assistance, you would have had great difficulty becoming what you are today. 

My advice is that you show the greatest respect in expressing your appreciation of their commitment to you. Please do not forget to show your gratitude on this special day.
 If you postpone this gesture of appreciation, you may in your busy daily lives find it difficult to arrange an opportunity to deliberately show proper gratitude and heartfelt thanks for all they have done for you. Now is the time, today, for you to say “Thank you, thank you so much,” to all those dedicated people, most of all your parents and relatives who are so close to you. Secondly I would like you to think clearly about your futures, to begin to form a distinctive picture of your goals, your hopes. Dream of what you would like to become, make a wish for the future, and remember, to achieve your dream, you need strong will and determination. You will find that the dreams you form today will endure for many years, for decades, for all your lives.

Think of the success of three scientists all from Japan – Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura. In October of last year they won the Nobel Prize in physics for inventing blue-light-emitting diodes – a new energy-efficient and environmentally friendly light source.Research in physics sounds incredibly difficult. Think of the importance of their contribution to our daily lives -- their invention of what we call LEDs that have so much practical importance for all of us. Nowadays we have come to rely on those energy-efficient LED light blue bulbs – so vital in reducing the use of energy and lowering the cost of lighting worldwide. In their success is a lesson for all of you here -- these scientists pursued their dream for many years, never giving up, until finally their dream came true.  Isn’t that great – isn’t it wonderful to consider their success after all those years of frustration, after overcoming so many problems to produce a product that affects so many lives?   It is often extremely hard to realize one’s dream. Not every dream comes true. Perhaps the dream comes partly true, or perhaps you have to pursue other dreams. Life is an obstacle course.
You have to overcome many difficulties on the way to success. You will surely endure hardships while en route to your goals.  You need to be realistic, to learn to deal with disappointment as well as success. Your dreams may change as you broaden your studies and go on to college and work. You need to expect the unexpected. At this special time, though, I believe strongly that you should be contemplating your future and looking ahead with a positive attitude and high hopes.
No matter what happens, wherever you go, whatever you become, this process will make all the difference in assuring you of some measure of success.  The pursuit of your dreams surely becomes so precious, so enriching as to be a priceless experience in your long lives.  All those three physicists whom I mentioned must have pursued their lifelong dreams, must have made unbelievable efforts -- never giving up in the midst of all manner of unexpected hardships, even disappointment and failure.

Why don’t you think about your dreams – perhaps write down what you would like to do or become some day – and then resolve to make every possible effort to make your dreams come true?
Let me conclude by wishing all 8th graders good luck, good health and a bright future in the years to come.
 Thank you so much for your kind attention.  

立志式 校長式辞              2015年1月30日




 日本出身の3名の科学者、赤崎勇氏、天野浩氏、中村修二氏が研究で成功されました。昨年10月に青色の発光ダイオード、新しい省エネで環境に優しい光源を発明したことでノーベル物理学賞を受賞しました。物理学の研究はとても難しい感じがしますが、彼らの研究は私たちの日常生活に実用面で役立っているLED照明を発明したのです。今日では、私たちは省エネタイプの青色発光ダイオードLED照明に頼り、エネルギーの消費量を減らし、世界中の照明コストを削減したのです。 3名の研究者の成功から皆さんは学ぶことができます。彼らは何年もの間夢を追い続け、決して諦めることなく、ついに夢を実現させました。素晴らしいことです。何年もの間、挫折を味わい、困難を乗り越え、やっと多くの人々のためになる製品を完成させたのです。 夢を実現させることは、多くの場合非常に難しいものです。すべての夢が実現するとは限りません。部分的には実現するかも知れませんが、他の夢に変えざるを得ないこともあります。人生には障害が立ちはだかるものです。成功に至るまでには幾多の困難を克服しなくてはなりません。目標に到達するまでに困難に耐えなくてはならないのです。現実的になる必要もあるし、成功と同様に失望にも対処することもあります。夢は、もっと勉強し、大学に進んだり仕事に就いたりするにつれ変わるかも知れません。 予期しないことを想定することも必要です。しかし、この特別な機会に、皆さんは自分の将来に思いを馳せ、前向きな姿勢で高い希望を持つべきであります。何が起ころうとも、何処に行こうとも、何になろうとも、この希望を持つというプロセスは、将来の成功を確実なものにする上で大きな意味を持つからです。 夢を追うことは、長い人生においてきわめて貴重な経験となるのです。3名の物理学者は彼らの人生において長いこと夢を追い続け、様々な予期しない困難、落胆や失敗を経験しても諦めることなく、信じがたいほどの努力をしたのです。