中高等部 - 平成二十六年度卒業証書授与式 式辞
Secondary - Principal’s speech at graduation ceremony March 1st, 2015

Principal’s speech at graduation ceremony          March 1st, 2015

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, honorable guests and most importantly -- all the young people who are receiving diplomas today at GKA’s second graduation ceremony.  

It’s indeed a great pleasure for me to extend my heartiest thanks to each and every one of you.
 his time of year in the chill air we feel the sweet breath of spring.
Little by little, plants and trees are beginning to bud and come into bloom.
It’s so gratifying for me to see you here at this ceremony and to be congratulating the twelfth graders on their graduation.  
All parents must be filled with immense pleasure after having made such tremendous efforts to bring up and educate their children and then to see them on this wonderful day.

I have just presented diplomas to fourteen graduates.  
Twelfth graders, you stand here at the threshold of a new stage of life.
 I wonder if you are sharing innumerable precious memories at this very moment.  
On December 16th, two and one half months ago, I was so pleasantly impressed with your great contributions to the GKA Secondary Speech Contest.  
Each and every one of you played a critical role – some of you were judges, others were responsible for taking care of computers.
In one way or another, all were very busy -- you accomplished all that we could have hoped for to make that important event a great success.
Clearly, your fine work showed that you had gained maturity as the senior class of the school and were willing and able to show real consideration for others.    

         Now, let me say a few words as my parting gift for all of you.

First of all, I would like to sincerely wish you graduating students the best of luck as you end this chapter in your lives and look forward to fresh challenges.
Please remember, above all, that learning is a lifelong process.
You need to keep on learning for as long as you live. There should be no end to gaining new information, insights and ideas as you find your way in this complex and globalized world.  

Yes, as you go on in your education, work and private lives, you will have to navigate through stormy seas.
As you advance, gaining in strength, intellect and greater maturity, you will hopefully become wise enough to overcome problems and obstacles. Through constant learning, as you have shown here, you will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to carry on successfully.

         At every stage of life, you will go on discovering essential new areas that you will want to explore on the basis of learning habits that you have formed here.
As a result of your desire, your dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, you will be able to improve your own lives and the lives of those around you whether at home or in an office or engaged in other projects.
You will gain professional expertise and also form friendships with those who share your outlook of intellectual curiosity and your desire to expand horizons.
Your reward will not only be to add luster and dignity to your own lives, your existence, but also to spread your influence and understanding among all those with whom you interact both on the job and at home. 

As the years go by, you will know that essential learning is the key to moving on to the next and the next and the next stage – in short to lead a full life.
Your background as students at GKA has already equipped you with basic skills and attitudes – the basis for lifelong learning.

Secondly, my message is you must believe in yourselves and rise to the challenge of fulfilling whatever dreams you have in mind.  
Never give it up easily -- remember,  nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Look at the professional tennis player, Kei Nishikori. He’s been so active, so eager to succeed, that he participated in grand-slam tournaments in both America and Australia.  
We are greatly touched by his inner desire to meet and conquer all possible challenges on the tennis court.  No, not always will every effort be crowned with success.
Still, the very process of rising to a challenge will make all the difference in assuring you of a sense of having done your best. 

         Thirdly, I want you to live earnestly, to contribute not only to those around you, who are close to you, but also to those who may live far away in the world.
Distance doesn’t matter particularly when it comes to leading full lives in this global community. There should be an endless range of possibilities for you to put your underlying philosophical outlook, your learning and your desire, into practice.  
You need to have a strong mental outlook, to be physically fit.
should also learn to specialize in a particular area in order to make the best use of all the opportunities around you and above all to show consideration for other people. 

Always remember, to be happy and strong in so many ways.
Please be kind to others. Otherwise, believe me, you will not be able to carry out your mission in life. Try to meet as many people as possible. Communicate with them, come up with ideas or plans for others -- with full regard for their needs and interests.

Lastly I would like to express our deepest thanks to all our guests and parents for their contribution and cooperation with all the often difficult educational requirements and needs at GKA.Especially to the twelfth graders who are leaving school today, let me wish you all the very best. You may have confidence and pride as GKA graduates regardless of where you find yourselves in the future, in Japan or abroad.  
We wish you health and happiness throughout your long lives. As you leave school on this early, delightful spring day, may you enter a brilliant future. 
March 1st, 2015

Gunma Kokusai Academy Senior High School             Principal, Shizue Yoshida 
Many thanks to all of you who are gathered here for this joyous occasion.

      平成二十六年度卒業証書授与式 式辞       





今までと同様に、学び続けることで、今後必要となる知識や技術を身につけることができるのです。 人生の各ステージにおいて、GKAで身につけた学びの習慣をもとに、新たな分野を探究し大事な発見をするのです。知識を求めて努力をすれば、家庭、職場或いはどんな仕事に携わっていても、自分と人の人生をより良く変えられるのです。専門的な知識を得ることはもとより、知的好奇心を持ち、視野を広げる努力をすれば自ずと仲間ができるものです。その結果、自分の人生や存在に輝きと価値が生じるだけでなく、公私ともに関わる人たちに影響を与え、彼らの理解も得ることができるのです。







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