中高等部 - 後期終業式校長講話 2015年3月24日
Secondary - Second Semester-end Ceremony Principal’s Talk March 24, 2015

Second Semester-end Ceremony Principal’s Talk    March 24, 2015

    Good afternoon, students.  I am standing here filled with deep emotion now that the entire academic year is ending, and every one of you is no longer what he or she was in March of last year.  Everyone here has changed, has grown, from one year ago.  
You have developed steadily not only physically but also mentally and spiritually, whether you are really conscious of all the changes in your lives.  

   On this occasion, at the end of the academic year, I would like each student to reflect on how you have spent the past twelve months.  
The reason is -- I want you to contemplate what you have done so far and take a big step forward for the next academic year, which is just around the corner.  
Though you may be busy during the spring break, I think that it is worthwhile to look back to your own daily life as you move on to the next stage.

Here are three points to consider:
First, how much you really learned and achieved; second, how you enjoyed and tried your best in extra-curricular activities or in other endeavors besides your daily lessons;  third, how much you’ve grown up and developed in terms of  personality.  

Amazingly, so many students have done their best.  You will get your school reports today.
Please each of you take a close look at your report and examine how much and how well you’ve studied for the past twelve months.
 That way, you will know what to do during spring break or in the next academic year. 

There are so many good memories to remember when it comes to the academic year 2014.  
On March 1st, just the other day, we held our second graduation ceremony in a solemn, warm-hearted and touching way.
Fourteen 12th graders graduated from our campus, getting ready to go into the world. The GKA Sports Day was held on June 18th of last year, and I was amazed at all the students’ drive and energy. 

I visited as many athletic events as possible to see you competing in different sports.  
This kept me so busy -- I was always looking forward to visiting, seeing students and cheering them on.  Not only in sports but also in other academic settings, many of you have done your best and won many prizes.  
I am always proud of you and believe in your potential as indispensable students. My faith in each of you makes me look forward to whatever you do next in your young lives.

I would like to conclude by expressing full confidence that you will make every effort continually to develop your possibilities in the coming academic school year.
 Good luck to you. Have a happy spring holiday, and let’s see you here in the school gym on April 6th.  

Thank you for your attention.

後期終業式校長講話           2015年3月24日