中高等部 - 高等部始業式校長講話 2015年4月6日
Secondary - Principal’s Talk at Senior High First Semester Opening Day Ceremony, April 6, 2015

Principal’s Talk at Senior High First Semester Opening Day Ceremony,  April 6, 2015

Good afternoon, students of all grades at GKA Secondary Senior High School.
The new academic year, 2015 has finally arrived.
Tenth grade students, welcome to GKA Senior High. It is our great pleasure to have you all with us at the same time and to start the new academic year together.
As you may know, we decided this special occasion would be a great chance to sincerely extend our hearty welcome to new 10th graders.
Eleventh and twelfth graders, we are so pleased to see you all after the spring break. Welcome back to school and congratulations on your promotions to the next grade.

I have long been looking forward to this day when you get the new academic year off to a great start here in the school gym.
The weather is by now getting much milder, and we feel comfortable in the lovely air of early spring. As  we move around, we are delighted to see flowers and plants growing vigorously under the great power of the energy of nature at this time of year.
Spring is a good season for us to begin life anew with fresh and high motivation. Don’t you think so? Every time I think of the meaning of this season, it gives me such
tremendous energy and vitality.

Oh yes, I am also happy to announce that seventh-grade students started their new school life at GKA Secondary this morning by attending the other opening day ceremony right here in the new school gym. Well, on this auspicious occasion, let me focus on three messages. 

Firstly, I want you to try your best in daily lessons. I need hardly say, your daily lessons have to be your top priority first and foremost. Teachers are preparing their hardest to be ready for every lesson and make all their lessons interesting and easy to understand. You in turn must concentrate on your lessons every day. We have introduced a new system or style of learning in the form of streaming in the 10th grade. The whole emphasis is on helping students to learn much better, faster and easier. In the long run, we expect this system will make a big difference in studying and learning. We will see the difference as these students become 11th and 12th graders one and two years from now.  

Secondly, I want all everyone of you, tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders, to be good models for junior high students at GKA in both academic learning and outside activities beyond daily lessons.  There will be many opportunities for you to get together with junior high students at school events and assemblies.  They will definitely respect you in many ways by taking a close at what you are doing. Not only seniors but all of you, everyone here, is responsible for behaving as fine role models.Oh yes, while on this topic, I cannot stress too much that we at GKA will not tolerate bullying. That's a message that I have conveyed repeatedly to you at every opportunity. Each and every student has the right to be happy, and to be  confident of his or her value as a citizen and member of the GKA community.  GKA students have created anti-bullying posters for display on a special wall in the school building. One poster shows students with happy smiles. Just saying hello to one another with a nice smile can be the basis for establishing warm, happy, and constructive human relations. Why not adopt this approach not only among friends but also for the benefit of all the people visiting GKA? You know we have many outside visitors. 

        Thirdly, I want you all to have concrete and clear goals. Once you are equipped with these goals, all you have to do is step up to the next stage by carrying out whatever you may have in mind. Consult your parents, teachers and other reliable and dependable people whom you respect. You may be able to get useful information by accessing the internet or examining books so that you will be well versed in approaching your goals.  In March, I interviewed every single 10th grader, advising each one to take the initiative in carrying out whatever he or she has in mind in terms of study and outside activities without being ordered by parents or teachers. I greatly value this kind of independent attitude in all that you do, in your daily behavior, in work and study habits.
I guarantee, moreover, that you can do what you set out to do on your own.  
        I would like to conclude by wishing you all the best in the months to come.
Please enjoy your school life as much as possible and study hard. Okay?
Will you do that for me – and for yourselves? Good luck to each and every one of you.

Thank you for your kind attention.

   高等部始業式校長講話                2015年4月6日