中高等部 - 2015年 夏休み前全校集会校長講話
Secondary - Principal’s Talk at School Assembly July24th, 2015

Principal’s Speech, School Assembly                    July 24th, 2015

Good afternoon, students. On this important occasion of an assembly of the entire school, I would like to convey some special messages to you as summer vacation begins.  
We have finally reached this exact day before the long-awaited summer holidays.

Many of you may have already planned what to do during the long holiday period.  
 I hope that you will make the best use of your long time off from school and enjoy every minute of it. Remember, the more freedom you get, the tougher you may find it to be independent when it comes to managing your time.

Time passes so quickly! Amazingly, 109 days have gone by since April 6th.
Most of you may agree that one of the highlights during this period was the GKA’s Cultural Festival nearly four weeks ago -- on June 27th.
I was able to observe you feeling the passion of your achievements while sharing great joy with your classmates and friends.  
Many people who visited the festival  highly appreciated the quality of the entire event.
Besides placing great importance on daily lessons, students need to develop inwardly and grow through activities such as the cultural festival.     

The other day all 10th grade students kindly wrote sincere letters to me reflecting on the festival -- and indicating points for improvement for the next such occasion.
It took me one and a half hours to read through all the letters written during the ELA class.
The letters warmed my heart. I was so pleased by all the students’ energy and commitment to this great school event.  Many of you may have had the experience of working as volunteers -- offering to help on something without expecting any reward in return.
We need a certain amount of time, interest and motivation, willingness and enthusiasm, and a sense of commitment in volunteer activities.
In the process, we are able to meet many new people and communicate with them, broaden our horizons, and even acquire new skills.  
Yes, of course, I should not forget to point out the sense of personal fulfillment -- perhaps the greatest reward.I know that many GKA Secondary students are interested and engaged in volunteering for activities.  Many of you participated in the Summer Festival at the Elementary School as volunteers under the SHIP members’ initiative.  
One marvelous idea that some twelfth-grade  students had was for washing shoes that their one-time owners had abandoned.  Thanks to their efforts, these shoes were clean, restored and ready for donation to some school or organization. I can definitely say that this type of activity brings happiness not just to the people who benefit from the service.
 Those responsible for such an act of goodwill and charity derive a great sense of personal fulfillment.

Okay, here goes my special message for each grade.
Twelfth graders, when you are pressured by time and deadlines, take a deep breath and focus on finishing whatever you're doing.  
Remember the sayings, “Make haste slowly.” or “Slow but steady wins the race.”  Eleventh graders, find the courage to do whatever you have in mind so you won’t regret not having done what you set out to do. Maintain the spirit of rising to the challenge.
Tenth graders, besides doing your homework, broaden your horizons by pursuing an interest in all that's happening around you.  This approach may be perfect, for instance, for producing documentary films.  Ninth graders, think about how you will conclude life in junior high school. Eighth graders, get ready to engage very soon in extra-curricular activities as responsible members of your class. Seventh graders, you have to become accustomed to junior high school life.  Have confidence and try your best.   

Before concluding, let me say that whatever you are doing, your health and safety during this long vacation are most important.  I do hope that all of you will be back on August 24th, and I look forward to seeing you right here in the school gym, eager, bright and shining, just as you are today.Thank you so much for listening – and have a wonderful vacation.


夏休み前全校集会校長講話          2015年7月24日



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