前期終業式校長講話 2015年9月30日
Principal’s Speech at the First-semester end Ceremony September 30th, 2015

Principal’s Speech at the First-semester end Ceremony   September 30th, 2015
Good afternoon, students.
It's with great pleasure that I share with you all the feeling that we have finally reached this important half-way point in the school calendar.
We are now at the end of the first semester of the academic year,  the year that all of us began with such high hopes and expectations back in April. Looking back on all that's happened during this half year, I have the clear impression that life at our school has been going quite well.  
All the students at GKA Secondary poured tons of time and energy into the School Festival, coming up with creative ideas and devices and leading it to great success. I remember that the academic year got off to a great start beginning with opening ceremonies for both the junior and senior high school divisions. On those occasions we stressed the importance of welcoming both the seventh and tenth graders as they entered the first year of each division.

As principal I am definitely interested in a cross-section of students’ everyday sayings and doings, ranging from daily lessons to extra-curricular activities and much more. One day a foreign teacher knocked on the door of my office, entered with a great smile, and said to me, “The attitude of the students I teach is so nice, and their concentration on lessons is marvelous.”  He simply wanted to convey this message to me, and I must say I was immensely pleased.
Just before the end of the summer vacation, a study camp was held at Maiko in Niigata, with 34 students from Grade 11 and 12 participating. The main emphasis of the camp was on the students trying their best in planning their  study schedule, on managing time carefully and on implementing plans so everyone of them could show his or her independence in all kinds of different ways. Amazingly a majority of the participants did very well.
In a very different context, three students from the high school division  had a great opportunity in June when they made a presentation of their device for asthma treatment at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  And in early August, two students went to New York to attend the IB Students World Conference and participate in an international exchange program with their counterparts from other IB schools all over the world. Also I hear that several students went abroad during the summer holidays. Some joined special study programs sponsored by the Japanese government. Others went abroad to make a contribution to global society, by joining in volunteer activities overseas. Oh, I should also mention that many members of extra-curricular clubs at both the junior and senior high school level, advanced to the next stage, that is, the prefectural or Kanto level competitions. Needless to say, I always feel pleased every time I am given a chance to cheer them on, whether at a sports venue or in front of a theatrical stage.                                                                                                                       We are now entering the autumn break when the school is closed for a few   days. I would like to suggest that this interval offers you a good chance to reset your school life. The second half of the academic school year, 2015, will begin very soon, and I would like you to be mentally prepared not only from a learning perspective but also for all aspects of the next six months of school life at GKA Secondary.  
Let me conclude by wishing you all the best of luck. I urge you to make the best use of this short break between the two semesters, and I look forward to seeing all of you right here in the school gym on October 5th.  Thank you for your attention.  

前期終業式校長講話                2015年9月30日
 私は校長として生徒の皆さんの学校生活の様子、授業、部活動等における皆さんの言動に関心を持っています。ある日のこと、外国人の先生が校長室のドアをノックし中に入ってきて、一言。「校長先生、私が教えている生徒たちの授業態度はとても素晴らしくて、集中力も抜群です。」これを聞いて、私は非常に嬉しく思いました。 夏休みが終わる直前に、新潟県舞子で学習合宿がありました。11年生と12年生、34名が参加しました。合宿では、生徒は真剣に学習計画を立て、時間の管理を慎重に行います。また、参加者には自律心が求められ、其々に計画を実行できるよう工夫します。驚くことに、大半の参加者はそれをしっかりとやってのけました。 6月には、高等部生3名が香港工科大学に招かれ、独自に開発した喘息治療の器具について発表する機会を得ました。8月上旬には、IB世界学生会議に参加するため、2名の生徒たちがニューヨークに出向き、世界のIB校の生徒たちと交流を深めました。この他、夏休み中に海外に行った生徒がいます。国のプログラムで短期留学した生徒や、海外ボランティア活動に参加してグローバルな貢献をした人もいます。また、中高等部ともに部活動で頑張った結果、県大会や関東大会に駒を進めた生徒たちの姿もありました。運動、ステージ発表問わず、会場に出向き現地で本校生徒に声援を送る時、私はいつも幸せな気持ちになります。