後期始業式校長講話 2015年10月5日
Principal’s Speech at the second-semester opening Ceremony October 5th, 2015

Principal’s Speech at the second-semester opening Ceremony   October 5th, 2015 

Good morning, students. Our autumn break was only four days long, but I welcome all of you back to school.  I hope that you are refreshed and ready for the second half of the school year.

        Twelfth graders, although you don’t have many months left before graduation, please make much of each day and enjoy the remaining moments of your time at GKA.

        Eleventh graders, in several months’ time you will be the leaders of the school. Very soon you will all be busier than ever. Amid all your own concerns, remember this -- try your hardest to set an example for the other students. 

    Tenth graders, our hearts are with you as you visit North America on a school trip.  I am sure they are discovering through their own eyes, a new culture and a society that's quite different from our own. I’m sure the whole experience will benefit every one of them for the rest of their lives.

        Ninth graders, you need to conclude your school life at junior high in a way that's beneficial and fulfilling for each one of you. Please learn to study hard and make the most of your lives here at GKA. 

        Eighth graders, your school trip to Hiroshima, Kyoto and Nara is just around the corner.  When you visit the ancient structures and see the historic sites with your own eyes, listen to what the guides say, but more importantly, try to feel something with your own senses, and trust what they tell you. Most significantly, you will obtain an understanding of the horrors of war first-hand when you visit the Hiroshima Peace Museum.

        Seventh graders, by now, you are without doubt true members of the GKA Secondary student body. Please try your best in both your studies and your extra-curricular activities. With the fresh and consuming curiosity you always express, I’m sure you will be more than able to do just that.

       The autumn season always makes me feel like talking about the joys of reading.
 I am thrilled to be able to say that a good number of students at GKA have excellent reading habits.  OK, just to help you read more widely and more deeply than ever, let me introduce two different kinds of reading.  
Dr. Shigehiko Toyama has very helpfully distinguished between alpha and beta type reading.  
He's really a great scholar -- well versed in English literature, linguistics, education and other fields.  We can call the first type, the alpha type, as quantity or rapid reading and the other, the beta type, as quality or careful reading.  It seems to me that critical reading, which plays an important role in critical thinking, is closer to the beta type. Dr. Toyama also insists on the importance of the latter type of reading, the beta type.

       Alpha or beta, quantity or quality, whichever it may be, reading habits can lead us to a state where it is possible for us to gain knowledge and information with hearts and lives enriched, filled with happiness. Skill in reading books, or in researching a topic in search of specific information, is something that is essential. I want every student to be exposed to the habit of reading books so you can receive the fullest benefit.  
Be conscious of the importance of reading, and appreciate the wonders and treasures you will only find in books.

       Before closing, I would like to remind every student of GKA Secondary about the school's policy concerning bullying. Our strict no-bullying rule is now posted in every homeroom. Each of you needs to take a close look at it.  Remember, the most important way to prevent bullying is to build an inclusive environment where individuals show due consideration for each other for the greater good of the whole. We need your understanding and renewed efforts to create a school in which bullying is always unacceptable, and never an option.

    My simple, sincere advice is that all students at GKA Secondary lead fulfilling lives during the second half of the school year.  In order to achieve this goal, you need above all to concentrate on all your daily lessons, as well as your extra-curricular activities.  

Good luck to each and every one of you!
 Thank you for your kind attention.

後期始業式校長講話               2015年10月5日


 12年生は、卒業まで何カ月もありませんが、一日一日を大切にして過ごし、GKAでの残りの時間を満喫してください。 11年生は、数カ月もすると学校で指導的立場となり、すぐに今よりずっと忙しくなります。それぞれに考えることはあるでしょうが、このことは覚えておいてください。他の良きお手本となれるよう最善を尽くすことです。 10年生は、北米研修で学校に居ませんが、気持ちは一緒です。新たな文化や社会に接し、日本との大きな違いを実感していることでしょう。この経験がこれから先の人生において有益なものとなると確信しています。 9年生は、自分に有益で満足のゆくよう、中等部の学校生活を締め括ってください。学業に励むとともに、GKAにおけるそれぞれの生活を最大限に活かしてください。 8年生は、広島、京都、奈良への修学旅行がもうすぐです。古来の建築物を訪ねたり史跡を自分の目で見る際には、ガイドの方の説明に耳を傾けるわけですが、最も重要なことは自分の五感で何かを感じ取ろうとすることです。もちろんガイドの説明も信頼して聞いてください。広島平和資料館では、戦争の恐怖を直接理解する体験をすることが何より大事です。 7年生は、もうすっかり立派なGKA中高等部生です。勉強と部活動の両立に努めてください。新鮮かつ旺盛な好奇心を持ってすれば、必ずや実現できます。