冬休み前全校集会校長講話 2015年12月18日
Principal’s Talk at the Assembly before Winter Holidays December 18th, 2015

Good afternoon, students.  
I would like to convey my very best wishes to each and every one of you on this occasion of the whole school assembly before the winter holidays.
We still have a long way to go before the second semester ends next March, but now that the holidays are about to begin, the time could not be better for talking to all of you together before saying farewell for the last time this year.  

          Including both Christmas and New Year’s, our winter holidays cover the entire festive season when many of you will probably share wonderful moments mingling with different people ranging from family and relatives to old and new friends.  As is often the case with my advice, I would like to suggest to you that you go on at your usual appropriate pace, free of inappropriate influences on your daily lives during the winter break. The holidays will last for quite a long time – a total of 24 days. Remain independent in your behavior, plan what to do and manage your time carefully – please consider all this advice. I want you all to be bright, refreshed and ready to return smoothly to school life when we meet again in the school gym on January 12th. 

          Twelfth graders, you are now in the final stage before graduation.  Students in the IB course have finished final examinations and are awaiting the results. Many of you are busy making final decisions and plans for the next step in your lives, higher education, whether here in Japan or in a foreign country. Please do your best in all your courses and projects, trying your hardest right up to the end.  Never give up. You will succeed!

          Eleventh graders, it is hard to believe that all of you were 9th graders when I first met you. Two years and nine and a half months have already gone by. You have now grown into robust and sound young people as I can easily recognize from your attitude in daily learning and activities.  My best advice -- keep going, doing your best -- always.

          Tenth graders, on November 27th, when I got a chance for a preliminary peek at the documentary films you have been working on, I was very impressed by what you have done so far.  Please continue your efforts and finish your work.  I am looking forward to taking a look at each of your projects when they’re completed on March 6th   -- in time for our documentary film festival.  

          Ninth graders, early in November all of you did amazingly well on your work experience program.  You made a tremendous effort – with great assistance from teachers, companies and parents. I do hope that you will always remember the thrill of the feelings you had in this new, fresh experience.

          Eighth graders, your school trip down to Hiroshima, Kyoto and Nara was tightly scheduled. The time was brief, but you had a great trip – blessed as you were by beautiful weather.  I was so proud of your attitude. For three wonderful days you impressed everyone as well behaved, disciplined and eager GKA students.  All of you definitely took another step forward as you absorbed first-hand the lessons of history and culture.

Seventh graders, last month we had our Oze Project presentation.  I really enjoyed it very much -- it was so impressive -- it reminded me of the GKA Science Fair.  Let me congratulate you for all your effort in coming up with such a great presentation. 
During the holidays GKA secondary is sponsoring two big programs.  One of them is the Winter Study Camp at National Akagi Youth Friendship Center.  The other is the Winter Ski and Snow Board Camp at Manza Ski Resort.  Quite a few of you have signed up for each program.  I am confident that those who participate will learn a lot and benefit greatly from the chance to share unique experiences in the midst of the beauties of nature.  

On a sad note, the terrorist attacks last month in Paris aroused horrifying fears in all of us. I would like to extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to all those who suffered the loss of relatives and friends.  We tend to take for granted many of the joys and privileges of our daily lives. As we contemplate the tragedy of terror attacks in Paris and elsewhere, we need to be more conscious of our own happiness, security and safety and fully appreciate the blessings of our lives.

 Let me conclude by again wishing all of you a most enjoyable and fulfilling winter holiday.  I look forward to seeing each and every one of you right here at the next school assembly on January 12th, 2016.  Thank you for your kind attention.