第3回卒業証書授与式 式辞
Principal’s Graduation Address March 1st, 2016

Principal’s Graduation Address                  March 1st, 2016

   Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, parents, students and honorable guests attending our third graduation ceremony.  I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to all of you for gathering here together with us.  At this time of the year we feel the fresh breath of spring in the chilly air, and the sunshine takes on a soft and bright touch as it appears over the mountains that surround us.

 It is so gratifying for me to see you here at this ceremony, and to be able to offer my congratulations to the twelfth grade students on their graduation.  We are so grateful to be sharing with the parents the immense pleasure that this day brings, after all the efforts you have no doubt made in bringing up your children so that they could arrive at this important day. 

I have just presented the high school diplomas to the third graduating class – all standing here at the threshold of a new stage in life.  I’m sure you share many precious memories as you come to this important moment. When I first met you, you were still in the 10th grade.  

It’s hard to believe how time has passed so quickly. I can say with full confidence that you greatly matured as you took on the responsibilities that come with being members of the senior class. Now you are ready to move on to new, and even more exciting challenges. You have shown yourselves to be good role models in academic learning, and have also contributed greatly to GKA Secondary school events and activities making good use of your mature perspectives as senior students.   

In parting, I would like to offer a few final words – as a kind of gift to you – as I wish all the graduating students the best of luck as you conclude this chapter in your lives and look forward to more adventures and achievements.

  First, I expect that each of you will continue to develop to the best of your own abilities and potential.  I know that you are ready for whatever lies ahead. I am convinced that all of you are well equipped with what is required in order to advance to the next stage in your lives. You have been educated in critical thinking at GKA, and you have acquired the mental skills needed to make judgements as to what is important, what you can do, and what you need to do to carry out your individual mission.  You have the tools, the outlook, the capability to overcome all manner of problems and obstacles. Yes, life can be tough and complex.
You will gain in strength, intellect and wisdom as you set new and meaningful goals, advancing steadily to fulfill your plans and dreams. 

Second, I would like to mention one special asset that you have all acquired – that is, the English language.  For the last nine years, you have immersed yourselves in learning a variety of subjects through the use of English.  By now you have a good command of this language – a tremendous advantage for you in whatever you do over the course of your long lives. Language is a means of communicating socially and professionally, of exchanging ideas and information, and of acquiring and spreading knowledge.   

From this perspective, each and every one of you should strive to learn and build on the skills you have acquired here. Please – never abandon your quest to make the best use of your abilities in English. Explore the language and discover new ways to use English words effectively – both in speaking and in reading -- for your own benefit. By doing so, you will broaden your horizons as global citizens.  Become good communicators and explorers through the use of this international language – the most widespread means of communicating across societies, cultures and nations around the world. 

Third, I would like all of you to have a keen desire to contribute to others, to close friends and family, to the people in the community in which you live and work, to the global community, and to those living far away from wherever you are. Dr. Satoshi Omura received the Nobel Prize in Physiology -- or Medicine -- in 2015.  Amazingly, Dr. Omura, in researching microbes, discovered over 480 new natural compounds. He has made a tremendous contribution to the extermination of infectious diseases around the world. Regardless of what you commit yourself to; I want each of you as new graduates to find a unique field in which you are able to make a contribution to the needs of others.  You will find the whole experience both rewarding and enjoyable.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the parents and honorable guests for your understanding of and your cooperation with the educational practices that we have encouraged here at GKA. You have all contributed in many ways to the success of the GKA Secondary School.

 To the 12th grade students, our shining new graduates, we urge you to have the confidence and pride worthy of a member of the GKA alumni, wherever in the world you find yourselves in the future.  We wish you good health and happiness throughout your long lives.  As you leave school on this delightful day in early spring, may you all enter into a brilliant future.        

 March 1st, 2016                                               

                      Gunma Kokusai Academy Senior High School                                                                                Principal, Shizue Yoshida

第3回卒業証書授与式 式辞







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