中高等部修了式式辞 2016年3月24日
Principal’s Speech at Junior High Completion Ceremony March 24, 2016

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and all those kindly gathered here for the GKA Junior High completion ceremony. I would like to extend my hearty thanks to each one of you for joining us here today.At this time of the year, we look forward to seeing the cherry blossoms in full bloom. We take satisfaction in the knowledge that all the parents here are filled with great joy as they look back on the tremendous effort they have put into bringing up their children and educating them with this delightful day in view.      I have just presented junior high school diplomas to the GKA students standing here, who have just completed Junior High. You are indeed getting ready to enter a new stage in your lives. It’s amazing to think that all of you were in Grade Seven when I first met you. Time has passed very quickly, and now you look so much more mature and grown-up. I consider myself fortunate to have gotten to know every one of you. I have been blessed with a lot of time to spend on this campus, observing all of you when you were studying, and when you were taking part in a wide variety of school events and extra-curricular activities. I would like to say a few words as you face this important turning point in your lives. You haven’t all chosen the same path, but I wish you all good luck in whatever awaits you. First, I want you to be conscious of your own interests – the special fields for which you have the greatest passion. I would like you to explore new areas that you haven’t tried before. Try to be more conscious of your own identity. Try to listen more to your inner voice. Life is filled with an endless variety of challenges and you will encounter new knowledge, fresh information and a diversity of people. Only you have the power to open up new horizons and choose your own future. As the proverb goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”Second, I want you to be confident and take pride in yourselves. You have had an English immersion education for nine years at GKA that values critical thinking. This has been a unique educational experience that will be of great benefit to each and every one of you. Many exciting events and extracurricular activities outside your daily lessons have served to make your school life even more fulfilling. These things have all contributed to making you what you are today. So be confident and proud, as you boldly face the future. Third, in the years to come, I would like you to appreciate the meaning of your lives. As is often the case in life, nothing stays the same. Tough times may follow peaceful moments. Dramatic events may suddenly occur in the course of long tedious routines. In all situations, I want you to be positive, proactive and optimistic. The renowned British actor, director, comedian and playwright, Charlie Chaplin, left us many inspiring remarks. I would like to introduce two of them to you. First: “You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.” And second: “Life can be wonderful if you’re not afraid of it. All it takes is courage, imagination…and a little dough” – meaning, yes – money. Life is something we should all appreciate to the full.   Finally, I would like to express our deepest thanks to our parents. We would like to thank you for your contribution to, and cooperation with all of the unconventional educational practices you have witnessed here at GKA. We wish all parents and students, health and happiness in the years to come, especially the students who complete their studies at Junior High on this beautiful day in early spring. May your futures be bright, happy and fulfilling.

     March 24th, 2016 Gunma Kokusai Academy Junior High School                              
Principal, Shizue Yoshida
Thank you for your attention.

 修了式式辞                   2016年3月24日

校 長  吉田シヅエ