後期終業式校長講話 2016年3月24日
Second Semester-end Ceremony Principal’s Speech March 24, 2016

Second Semester-end Ceremony Principal’s Speech    March 24, 2016       Good afternoon, students. I stand here now, filled with a special sense that the entire academic year is coming to an important moment. Everyone here has changed and grown since the year began a year ago. You may not really be conscious of all the changes that have taken place in your lives, but I can tell that you’ve developed a lot, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually.On this occasion, I would like each student to reflect on how you have spent the last twelve months.  I want you all to examine what you have done, before taking the next step forward into the new academic year. Right now, at this juncture, it is definitely worthwhile to look back on your daily lives and form a clear perspective concerning the future, as you advance to the next stage in your school life.  Looking back on the academic year 2015, we have many fond memories that are well worth cherishing.  On March 1st, we held our third graduation ceremony in a way that was solemn, warm-hearted, and touching. The school festival we held on June 27th last year was a terrific success. I was really amazed at the earnest commitment and energy that all of you put into this wonderful event.  Socrates, the Greek philosopher, once said, “Know thyself”. For this we need to think about ourselves critically, as we make decisions that will shape our lives. That’s why we put so much emphasis on critical thinking at GKA. You need to learn to think independently. My advice is that you should take time occasionally, to observe all that you’re doing and think about everything from a new and thoughtful perspective. That way, you are sure to find ways that will improve your daily lives.Let me offer an analogy. For a long time I used to drive a car with five gears. When the gear I was driving in was appropriate, the car created a comfortable sound. When it snowed, I naturally shifted down into a lower gear so that I could run in a way that was slow and steady. On the other hand, if the weather was fine and nothing was in the way, I could drive the car much faster – oh yes of course, carefully, within the speed limit!That was an illustration to remind you – that self-management, including time management is extremely necessary for you to lead successful and satisfactory lives. Examine your daily life while taking a deep and perceptive look at the future. Only you can change your life for the better. Why don’t you give it a try?I would like to conclude by expressing my full confidence that you will make every effort to continually develop all your possibilities in the coming academic year.  Good luck to you all. Have a pleasant spring vacation. I look forward to seeing each of you here in the school gym on April 6th.  Thank you for your attention.

後期終業式校長講話             2016年3月24日