高等部前期始業式校長講話 2016年4月6日
Principal’s Speech at Senior High First Semester Opening Day Ceremony April 6, 2016

Principal’s Speech at Senior High First Semester Opening Day Ceremony
April 6, 2016

Good afternoon, students of all grades at GKA Secondary Senior High School. The new academic year, 2016 has finally begun. We are entering our twelfth academic year since the founding of GKA.
 I would like to welcome all new tenth grade students to GKA Senior High. It is so nice to have you with us every day as we begin the new academic year together.  We sincerely extend our hearty welcome to all new tenth graders --- on this very important and meaningful occasion for all of us. And, eleventh and twelfth graders, welcome back to school. We are pleased to see all of you after the spring break. Congratulations on your promotion to the next grade.

     Are you ready to get the new academic year off to a great start here in the school gym? The weather is now much milder, and flowers and plants are growing vigorously under the amazing power of nature’s energy at this time of the year. To my mind, spring sounds like the perfect season for us to begin something new and challenging with strong renewed motivation. Every time I think of the meaning of this season, I am so happy to experience the joy of spring.

This morning, another opening day ceremony was held here in the new school gym.
I welcomed the seventh grade students starting their new school life at GKA Secondary. Tomorrow we are scheduled to hold yet another ceremony for you to meet them.
You will have a great opportunity to feel that each one of you is an indispensable member of the GKA community as you wish one another a splendid year of school life together.
On this occasion, I would like to focus on three things.

First, I want you to try your best in your daily lessons. First and foremost, students should give priority to daily learning. You are required to focus on your lessons every day. Intense concentration will make the difference between brilliance and mediocrity. Only you can make your studies a success. You can do it.
Second, I want all graders, tenth to twelfth, to be role models for junior high students in both academic learning and other endeavors, such as school events or extra-curricular activities. All of you will be at the center of attention, as the younger ones look up to you. Remember that you are in a real sense responsible for their success. 

Third, I want students in all grades to respect the following two policies that are basic to GKA. One of them is the English-speaking policy, and the other is the anti-bullying policy.
These policies play vital roles in creating an environment where the quality of school life becomes richer and better. We would like each one of you to be conscious of both of these policies and to try your very best to follow them. I am afraid we have a long way to go before all of you understand and fully accept the importance of these policies. You will notice posters promoting these goals in many places. You know how to behave. Then what can you do?  All you have to do is put your understanding of these policies into action in your daily lives.

I would like to conclude by wishing all of you the best in the months to come. I hope you will fully enjoy your school life and study hard. How does that sound to you? Yes, you can and you will. Good luck to each and every one of you.  Thank you for your attention.  

高等部前期始業式校長講話           2016年4月6日