中等部前期始業式校長講話 2016年4月6日
Principal’s Speech at Junior High First Semester Opening Day Ceremony April 6, 2016

Principal’s Speech at Junior High First Semester Opening Day CeremonyApril 6, 2016

Good morning, students of all grades at GKA Secondary Junior High School.
The new academic year, 2016, has finally begun. We are entering the twelfth academic year since the founding of GKA. Seventh-grade students, welcome to the GKA Secondary campus. It is our great pleasure to have you all with us, ready and eager to begin a new school year together. We sincerely extend our hearty welcome to all of you, as you advance from the elementary to the middle school.
Eighth and ninth graders, welcome back to school and congratulations on your promotions to the next grade.Flowers and plants are growing vigorously under the great power of nature’s energy. Spring is a wonderful season for us to begin anew, with fresh motivation and inspiration. This season gives me tremendous energy and vitality. Yes, if I may make an amusing comparison, I’m reminded of a jack-in-the box -- a figure inside that jumps out when the box is opened.I would like to convey the following three things to you.

First, I want you to try your best in daily learning. Above all, students should give priority to everyday lessons. Learning in the form of streaming is introduced in the 8th and 9th grades. The emphasis is on constantly improving the pace of learning. Seventh graders, try your best to get accustomed to this transition in school life, particularly in your lessons. Though you may find it tough at first, your unceasing efforts will make a huge difference in the long run. 

Second, I would like all of you to value all that you learn beyond your daily lessons. We place a lot of importance on work outside of class because extra-curricular activities or experiences similar to them will be of great help in developing your personality. They will help you to feel for humanity, and contribute toward your growth and maturity. Through close interactive activities with your friends, whether they are seniors, juniors or classmates, you will learn valuable lessons. I am looking forward to observing you as you enthusiastically face all the challenges of the new academic year, 2016.

Third, we at GKA will not tolerate bullying. The phrase for you to remember is, “Don’t do anything to another person that would upset you if done to you.” We must be careful about human relations by respecting other people. Please do not feel that you are alone or isolated. Bullying in any form can never be approved or justified. Why? Because every student has the right to be happy and confident about his or her value as a citizen and member of the GKA community. 
I would like to conclude by wishing you all the best in the months to come. Please enjoy every minute of your school life and study hard. Okay? Oh, and please remember our English Speaking Policy. Let’s speak English whenever and wherever we meet at school. I personally love to talk to you in English, and I love to hear you respond in English.  Good luck to each and every one of you. Thank you for your attention.

中等部前期始業式校長講話           2016年4月6日