夏休み前全校集会校長講話 2016.7.22
Principal's Address at the Schoo Assembly Before the Summer Break July 22, 2016

Principal’s Speech, School Assembly                     July 22nd, 2016

           Good afternoon, students. At long last, we are just one day away from the summer holidays.
 You must be excited about your plans for the vacation.
Whatever you have in mind, my advice is -- try your best to carry it out, and achieve a sense of fulfillment. Our GKA Career News Letter was published and delivered to you by the Career Committee the other day. It would be a good idea to take a close look at it as a source of advice in regard to your future. I guarantee -- it will help you a lot.

           In my message to you today, I would like to offer you some tips that will help you to communicate better with others. This requires not only language competence but also other factors such as interest, curiosity, respect toward others, and efforts in carrying out non-verbal communication. In mid-June we hosted two different groups of students from San Diego, California. The key to the success of the whole program lay in good communication between the two sides; for them as guests and for us at GKA as their hosts. Efforts made to understand each other, showing them consideration, making ourselves understood in English or Japanese, and of course sharing lots of fun together. These are all important for improved communication. 

           Have you heard of the saying “A hedge between keeps friendship green”?  We could rephrase it by saying “Love your neighbor, but don’t pull down the hedge between you,” or “Good manners even between good friends.” I’d like to introduce the following dialogue to you.

       Tom:     I can’t find my phone charger! Do you think it’s okay if I have a look in James’ purse?
       Sarah:      I think you’d better wait till he comes back. Then you ask him if it’s OK. “A hedge between keeps friendship green.”  

           I know that many of you like to joke with your friends and be on friendly terms with one another. However, I sometimes notice you getting too familiar with each other, and feel the need for a bit of distance or detachment between you and your fellow students. Here again we need to remember the saying, “A hedge between keeps friendship green.” Critical thinking must have a practical application. We must take time to think before we put our thoughts into action. This will also help us to become more mature. I want you to consciously improve the level of the communication you engage in, in your daily lives. 

         Well, there are two days in early August that we must take time to remember. The days that the atomic bombs were dropped. August 15 is another important day. This is the day that it was announced that World War II had come to an end. The American president, Barack Obama paid a historical visit to Hiroshima in late May this year and made a great speech. I’m sure you’ll all be busy, but I advise you to spend some time thinking about world peace during the summer vacation. 

         I have one more message I’d like to convey to you before I finish. On July 10th there was an election for the House of Councilors. Some of you had turned 18 and were able to vote. I make it a rule never to miss this precious chance to exert my right as the citizen in a democratic society. Actually, I voted a week before the election to suit my own convenience. 

        Finally, I look forward to seeing you right here in the school gym a month from now, eager, bright and shining, just as you are today.  Thank you so much for listening.

夏休み前全校集会校長講話      2016年7月22日