Principal’s Speech, First-semester end Ceremony, September 30th, 2016


Principal’s Speech, First-semester end Ceremony, September 30th, 2016

Good afternoon, students. Amazingly six months have passed since the new academic year started back in April. I am very pleased that we are somehow reaching this important half-way point in the school calendar. We started the new academic year with such high hopes and expectations. Now, let’s see how we’re doing.
I would like to look back on all that's happened over the past six months. We held the Sports Day on April 29th. I paid close attention to the latest weather forecast up to the very last moment. Finally, it turned out to be a beautiful day but with quite strong winds. In spite of injuries our student athletes, with much perspiration and smiles, were trying their hardest. I was quite satisfied with their performance.
Today you are due to get your school reports for the first semester. I expect you all to take a close look at your own records with the attitude of looking back on what you have done academically, not veering too much between hope and despair. Whether or not you are satisfied with what you have achieved, I would like you to study your academic records over the past six months with an objective attitude. Let me suggest some check points. Ask yourselves how much time spent on daily preparation and review in each subject, how deeply you concentrated during lessons, whether you had the proper motivation and dedicated enough effort to learning. Why not apply this kind of self-inspection or self-criticism in all aspects of your behavior?
Let me now take note of all the effort shown by those students who have succeeded in doing well both in academic pursuits and on athletic fields basically outside their studies.  It is a great pleasure and honor for me to award certificates of merit to those students who have displayed their prowess in sports and other areas. When it comes to encouraging GKA Secondary students to participate in official games or matches, I make it a rule to visit every venue as much as time permits. It is very exciting for me to watch different games or matches, to cheer on our athletes and then to comment on what I have seen. Interestingly, strangely, our students often reciprocate by encouraging me in return. Their sincere efforts, cheers and smiles, or even tears of regret, give me a great sense of deep passion for them and what they are doing. 
 We are now entering the autumn break and the school will be closed for a few days. I would like to suggest that this interval should offer you a good chance to reset your school life. The second half of the 2016 academic year is just around the corner. I would like you to be fully prepared not only from a learning perspective but in terms of all aspects of life during your next six months at GKA.
 Let me conclude by wishing you all the best of luck. I urge you to make the best use of this short break between the two semesters, and I look forward to seeing all of you right here in the gym on October 5th.  Thank you for your kind attention.
前期終業式校長講話              2016年9月30日