Second-Semester Opening Ceremony Speech October 5th, 2016


Second-semester Opening Ceremony Speech October 5th, 2016

Good morning students. Welcome back to school after the four-day autumn break. Do you feel refreshed and ready for the second semester?
  Twelfth graders, I want you to make the most of each day, and enjoy all the remaining moments you have left at this school. IB course students, please do try to do your best in the final exams coming up in November.
  Eleventh graders, in several months you will be the next leaders of the school. Try your hardest to set an example for the other students.
    Tenth graders, you will visit North America on a school trip to San Diego. I want you to discover with your own eyes, a new culture and a society that's quite different to our own. The whole experience will be of great benefit to you.
  Ninth graders, I want you to conclude your school life at the junior high in the most fulfilling way possible. I fully expect that you will be highly successful in your job experiences in November.
Eighth graders, you will have a school trip to Kyoto and Nara which will include a visit to the famous statue of Buddha at Todaiji Temple. I want you to depend on your own intuition as you gaze on the ancient statues and structures. At that moment, your inner sense will be your best guide.
  Seventh graders, no one will now dispute the fact that you are GKA secondary students, through and through. Learn to meet new challenges and explore the world around you. Approach it with a fresh curiosity.
  I am thrilled to be able to say that a good number of students at GKA have excellent reading habits. However, it is not enough just to read. On the contrary, I would like to emphasize the importance of reading in relation to critical thinking. Your reading habits will enable you to obtain new skills in this area. Reading books is an absolute must if you wish to sharpen your critical thinking skills. The employment of these skills will prevent you from relying on preconceptions that may not be valid. Autumn is a great time to read books. Please bear this in mind.
    Now I must return to a message that you’ve heard before but that needs to be constantly repeated. We must not, should not, and cannot tolerate bullying at GKA. Please pay attention to the saying, “Do not do to others what would upset you if done to you.”  Or, in other words, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Bullying in any form can never be justified. If it ever happens, you must let us know about it. Never feel that you are alone. Every student has the right to be happy, and to be confident of his or her individual value as a citizen and member of the GKA community. I will be delighted if you show your appreciation for my message by carrying this out in your daily behavior. In each homeroom the GKA Secondary Anti-Bullying Policy is on the wall, and I would like each student to take a careful look at each line and appreciate the meaning of the policy. Let’s create an environment where there is NO bullying. All of you must make every effort to bring this about. Yes, you can do it.
My simple and sincere advice is that all students at GKA Secondary should lead lives that are fulfilling in every way during the second half of the school year 2016. In order to achieve this goal, you will need above all to concentrate on your daily lessons, as well as your extra-curricular activities. Good luck to each and every one of you! 
Thank you so much for your kind attention.

2016年後期始業式校長講話            2016年10月5日