Principal's Address at the School Assembly After the Winter Break January 10, 2017


Principal’s Talk at the Assembly after the Winter Holidays
January 10th, 2017 
Good morning, students, and a Happy New Year!  Welcome back to school, every one of you. The winter holidays lasted 24 days, bringing us straight into this glorious new year. Let’s all take a deep breath, and fully appreciate the crisp cool morning air, as we enter a totally new segment in time. Let’s all make New Year wishes and resolve to do something truly special.
12th graders, the day of your graduation from GKA Secondary is just around the corner. Please be sure to round off your school life in the most satisfactory way possible, so that you can look back with pride on all that you’ve achieved.
11th graders, your highest priority should be to make the preparations needed to create a happy productive atmosphere throughout the entire campus. Please make sure to be responsible and dependable students in all that you do.
10th graders, it’s high time you opened your eyes and became fully aware of the crucial decisions you will need to make in planning out your future paths.
9th graders, you are facing an extremely important time in your school lives; a turning point that will make an enormous difference. You only have a few more months left in the junior high. Finish strong – so that you’ll be fully prepared for the next phase in your academic journey.
8th graders, in April you will become the eldest Junior High students at GKA. Try to be model students in every way, and meet the expectations of others, including your juniors, teachers and parents.
7th graders, you have grown both physically and spiritually. You should now be ready to welcome the new seventh graders who will be here in just over three months. 
Today I would like to introduce you to some encouraging words from an outstanding Japanese athlete who has made a name for himself in Major League Baseball. He has many records to be proud of, including two hundred hits a season for ten consecutive years, playing for the Seattle Mariners.
Many of you will know whom I have in mind – of course – Ichiro Suzuki.
Actually, I’m not very well versed in sport, but Ichiro’s achievements are so impressive that they have even drawn the attention of people like me. He started his career with the Seattle Mariners in 2001, moved to the New York Yankees in 2012, and now plays for the Miami Marlins. On August 7th, 2016, Ichiro hit a triple --- making him the 30th major leaguer to hit a total of 3,000 career hits.
Ichiro’s achievements speak to us in a number of ways. Let me give you a quotation that should impress you all as both wise and modest. Here’s what he once said -- “I’m not ‘a genius’ if what you mean is someone who can achieve something great without making an effort. If you mean someone who can achieve a great feat after much effort, you may be referring to me. Don’t think I can get so many hits without any effort.”
Let me add another of Ichiro’s remarks that should stand as an example to us all. Here it is: “As human beings, the sense that little by little we are moving forward is of extreme importance.”
And here’s just one more quotation that makes him a good role model for all of us -- “It’s not often that one outstanding performance leads to victory. Rather, a team of players that can work together through tough situations --- this is what makes a really strong team.”
I would really appreciate it if you would fully absorb the meaning of Ichiro’s words, and make the best use of them in whatever way you can individually apply them to yourselves.
All right, let me now conclude by wishing you all good luck and good health. Please take extra care of yourselves, so that you won’t catch cold during the winter months. Keep moving ahead at full speed with your academic studies and extra-curricular activities during the climactic final months of the school year.
Thank you all for your attention. 

冬休み明け校長講話            20017年1月10日