第四回卒業証書授与式 式辞
Principal's Graduation Address March 2nd, 2017


Principal’s Graduation Address           March 2nd, 2017
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, honorable guests, and most importantly,   all the young adults receiving their diplomas here today at GKA’s fourth graduation   ceremony. It is indeed a great pleasure for me to extend my heartiest appreciation to each and every one of you for your attendance here today. At this time of the year, we feel the sweet breath of spring in the chilly air. Plants and trees are beginning to bud and come into bloom at a slow but steady pace. It’s so gratifying for me to see you, the twelfth grade students here at this ceremony as we celebrate your graduation from senior high school. Your parents must be filled with immense delight, after having made great efforts and sacrifices to bring you up, seeing you through to this special day.
I have just presented diplomas to sixty-one graduates. Twelfth graders, you stand here at the threshold of a new stage in life. Almost twelve years have passed since you entered GKA as first graders, and today you are leaving the campus as our fourth graduating class. Time flies. You were just ninth graders when I first met you and came to know you at this campus in Uchigashima. I clearly and fondly remember visiting Okinawa with you on the school trip. Since then, you have become mature enough to be independent, as well as dependable -- we can definitely be proud of you as this year’s graduating class.  
 Now, let me say a few words as a parting gift. First, let me sincerely wish you the best of luck as you complete this chapter in your lives and face new challenges. I want you to make the best of your life by sticking to your own individual skills, interests and identities. You may have contemplated many times what your interests and strengths are, and how you can make your eyes shine with happiness. Now you know how to be yourselves. Yes, your lives as they spread out in many directions into the future may be difficult ? not always driven by favorable winds. In times like these, GKA’s school principles, Knowledge, Creativity and Dignity, will give you the guidelines you need to keep you going, even in stormy weather. Reliable people close to you may support you with appropriate advice. However, always dwell on the things you are determined to do, as you listen to the advice that others give you. Remember, you will be needed, loved and relied on by others, while you actively do your best, wherever you happen to live or work.
Second, my message to you is to try your hardest in doing whatever you   believe in. Once you find your passion in life, never give up, no matter how tough the road may be. Remember the proverb, “Slow and steady wins the race.” In 2016, Yoshinori Osumi, Distinguished Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the mechanisms involved in autophagy, the process that cells use to destroy and recycle cellular components. Dr. Osumi repeatedly put much emphasis on the importance of steady research in basic science. It’s amazing that he stubbornly maintained this stance for 28 years. Another example I would like to cite is that of the Sumo wrestler, Kisenosato. For 15 years, he strived to become a Grand Champion (Yokozuna) after entering the world of Sumo immediately after graduating from junior high. It took Kisenosato a long time to become Yokozuna, but he never gave up. Finally, he made it. I hear that the 73 tournaments Kisenosato needed to win promotion to Yokozuna were more than any wrestler since 1926. Amazingly Kisenosato became the first Yokozuna born in Japan in 19 years, since the third Wakanohana was promoted to Yokozuna in 1998.
Third, I would like you to remember that learning is a lifelong process in which you gain new information, insights and ideas, as you move ahead in a globalized world. You will discover important new areas that you will want to explore, making use of the learning habits that were nurtured here at GKA. You will gain professional expertise and find companionship with those who share your intellectual curiosity, and your desire to expand your horizons. Your reward will not only be to add luster and dignity to your own lives, but also to spread your influence and understanding among the people you interact with, both officially and personally. Your background as GKA students will have equipped you with the basic skills and attitudes needed for lifelong learning. Be confident in yourselves. Be proud and feel blessed to have attained such a great command of English, along with the skills required for critical thinking.
Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our guests and parents for their contribution to, and their cooperation with all the difficult educational principles practiced at GKA. And especially to the twelfth graders who are leaving school today, let me wish you all the very best. You will have confidence and pride as GKA graduates, regardless of where you find yourselves in the future, whether in Japan or across the sea.  We wish you health and happiness throughout your long lives. As you leave school on this delightful day in early spring, may you enter a brilliant, happy and productive future.

March 2nd, 2017
   Gunma Kokusai Academy Senior High School
    Principal, Shizue Yoshida

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