Principal's Address at the School Assembly Before the Summer Break


Principal’s Speech, School Assembly           July 21st, 2017

Good afternoon, students. On the occasion of this assembly of the entire school, I would like to convey my special thoughts to you all. At long last we have reached this day before the long-awaited summer holidays. Have you planned what to do during the summer break? I hope for you to experience a great feeling of accomplishment by the time I get to see you all again. I want you to find something special inside your own hearts and minds. Always remember, whatever adventures you have, that your safety and security count the first and foremost.
We are now living in a technologically advanced global community. IT devices such as the Internet and what we call SNS ? social networking systems or services - bring us enormous convenience and happiness in our daily lives. We must never forget, however, that those miraculous devices also have a dark and negative underside. They are capable of making some people unhappy through cyber-bullying and other forms of malicious messaging. In this sense, we must take the greatest care in making the best use of the technology found in these wonderful modern devices   without abusing them.
On June 22nd, just one month ago, Mao Kobayashi, a former Japanese TV announcer and wife of popular kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo, passed away after her struggle against breast cancer. As you may know, Mao Kobayashi described her feelings almost every day on her blog, encouraging people to live their lives to the fullest -- particularly those who are suffering from breast cancer.
In her last blog post entitled ‘Orange Juice’ she wrote: “Good morning. For the last few days, I have been drinking freshly squeezed orange juice every morning. To be more accurate, I don’t have the power to squeeze the oranges myself, so I eagerly wait for my mother to wake up and squeeze them for me. The awesome flavor of oranges, sweet and sour, now surpasses the pain of my mouth ulcer! It makes me smile in the morning. I hope something will make you also smile ? so that you will smile today.” Two days later, she passed away.
What do you think of Mao Kobayashi’s last message? What moved me was   the sense of love and consideration for others found in her words despite of her painful suffering. In my 2017 vision statement, I stressed, “Respect for Others and    our Facilities.” I do think that critical thinking becomes most meaningful when you can apply it in your own daily lives.
Finally, let me wish you a great summer holiday. Take good care of yourselves and I’ll see you here again on August 22nd. Thank you for your attention.
夏休み前全校集会校長講話            2017年7月21日
 最後のブログのタイトルは「オレンジジュース」次のように綴られています。「おはようございます。おはようございます。ここ数日、絞ったオレンジジュースを毎朝飲んでいます。正確には、自分では絞る力がないので、母が起きてきて、絞ってくれるのを心待ちにしています。今、口内炎の痛さより、オレンジの甘酸っぱさが勝る最高な美味しさ!朝から 笑顔になれます。皆様にも、今日 笑顔になれることがありますように。」このブログを書いた二日後に彼女はこの世を去りました。