Principal's Address at the School Assembly After the Summer Break


Principal’s Speech, School Assembly        August 22nd, 2017
Good morning, dear students. I am so pleased to see you all again after the summer holiday. You look so healthy -- some of you with nice suntans. In just a month, we will have a huge school event, the cultural festival. Many of you definitely have done a great deal to prepare for this great day ? but still need to do more. I am sure you will have a fabulous time.
Looking back to June, we hosted three of the first members of the graduating class as trainee teachers. All of them tried their hardest and demonstrated their dedication as role models. They are definitely pioneers here at GKA ? they are at the forefront in demonstrating pride and dignity in their performances.
On July 6th, I paid a visit to the Elementary school for a town hall meeting with all the sixth graders. It seemed to me that I should answer their simple, innocent, heartwarming questions in a comfortable atmosphere. The meeting turned out to be a great success. I could sense their eagerness to join us next April.
Nine GKA Secondary students were sent abroad during the summer holiday, supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology under the name of “Tobitate Ryugaku Japan.” I’m sure many others were also blessed with precious opportunities at home and abroad, reaping a rich harvest of learning and memories from their experiences.
It is now thirteen years since the founding of GKA, and we are still developing as a great educational institution. We can see from all we’ve done that our beloved school has tremendous potential, but it will take many more years for us to build traditions that will last forever. Please make the best use of every chance you get to devote to what is required of you to do in both your daily study and extra-curricular activities.
Consider the examples of Japanese teenage athletes or celebrities. They all are incredibly focused on their own specialties such as track and field, table tennis and badminton. Please remember the great achievements of Sota Fujii, the Japanese youngest professional Shogi player. The great accomplishments of all these young people make us cheerful, encouraged and motivated to try our best in our own individual areas of interest.
We have just a little more than a month to go before the end of the first semester. You will sit for the semester-end tests followed by the school festival. Try your hardest. That way, you will be satisfied and sure of yourselves. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I believe that your own individual efforts will all contribute to building enduring traditions here at GKA. Good luck to each and every one of you.
  夏休明け全校集会校長講話         2017年8月22日