後期始業式校長講話 2017年10月5日
Principal’s Speech, Second-Semester Opening Ceremony October 5th, 2017


Principal’s Speech, Second-Semester Opening Ceremony October 5th, 2017
Good morning, dear students. Welcome back to school. I hope that you are refreshed and ready for the second half of the school year. We are plunging into Autumn. It’s a great time for reading books.
Comfortable temperatures and long evenings go together perfectly, putting us in the mood for reading. As for the question, “Do we really need to read books?” I would definitely answer, “Yes” without a doubt.
Now is the time to develop the habit of reading books. We often say we are too busy to read books. I often borrow books from the school library and still buy more at the book store. I’m afraid many of them go unread for some time. Thankfully, during the summer break I had time to catch up on my reading. Amazingly, I had so much to read. My heart and mind felt enriched. I am so happy to convey these feelings to you whenever I have the chance. Let me list some reasons for the joy of reading.
First, reading can equip us with unlimited knowledge and practical information.  From some books, you will learn what you need to know as students. Other books will entertain and excite you. Our great library has books of all kinds waiting for you to pick up, read, learn from and enjoy.
Second, the more you read, the more skills you will acquire, providing you endless useful information that is essential for your studies and daily lives. Whether you find what you need printed on paper or digitally, once you acquire knowledge and information, you can move on to the next stage in your research using it right away and well into the future.  
Third, the habit of reading is closely related to the ability to acquire critical thinking skills. As we have often told you, we value this at GKA above all else. You must learn to read with a critical eye. More and more, you will utilize your skills in critical thinking while writing notes and essays based on your reading.  
Fourth, the habit of reading, once established, can lead you to a state in which you are truly happy in your hearts. Your lives will be full of happiness just as I was this summer.  
A veteran librarian, Ms. Michiko Kinoshita, in a book that she wrote, gave this response to the question, why should we read. “We read books for the benefit of ourselves.” I truly agree.  
Finally, my sincere hope is that all students at GKA Secondary lead fulfilling lives for the rest of the academic year. In order to achieve this goal, you need above all to concentrate on all your daily lessons as well as extra-curricular activities. I am confident you will do just that. Thank you for your attention.
   後期始業式校長講話              2017年10月5日