Principal's Address at the School Assembly After the Winter Break

January 9th, 2018 
      Good morning, dear students and Happy New Year! I would like to welcome each and every one of you back to school. The beginning of a new year feels so refreshing. I am extremely pleased to be able to take a deep breath of cool crisp air on a cold winter morning. 
      You are on the threshold of a new year, 2018, and I would like to introduce to you some quotes from an encouraging and inspiring phrase. Ichi-Go-Ichi-E is a phrase basically expressed in four Kanji or Chinese characters. It conveys the importance of treasuring every meeting and encounter we’re likely to have in our everyday life.
       It is said that this phrase goes deep into the spirit or values of the Tea Ceremony. In other words, even if one encounters a guest at a party only once, the host should receive him or her with the utmost sincerity and hospitality. I am sure that you can apply this philosophy to your daily lives. We tend to take what’s happening in our daily lives for granted, finding every chance encounter or happening more or less alike. Think about it though,   -- no single day is the same as any other day. That is why I want you to make the most of each and every day of your life at GKA. Ichi-Go-Ichi-E -- remember those simple words -- a phrase that I highly recommend you always keep in mind.  
  Now for some special words of advice for each grade:
  12th graders, make sure you complete your school life at GKA Secondary in more than merely a satisfactory way. Do your best. Excel. Be confident, -- and good luck to you. 
      11th graders, it will be your turn to make important decisions about your future. You need to show you’re both responsible and independent. 
      10th graders, whichever course you may take, IB or Domestic, it is high time for you to become fully aware of your own future.
       9th graders, please make sure you finish strong in the remaining few months. You are facing an important time in your life.
       8th graders, you will soon be the oldest students in Junior High. Please meet the expectations placed on you by those around you.
       7th graders, you have shown amazing physical as well as spiritual development since you entered our campus. Keep going. You can do it! 
       All right, let me now conclude by wishing you all the best of luck and wonderful health. Keep going full speed ahead with your academic learning and extra-curricular activities for the final three climactic months of the school year. Thank you all for your attention.