第5回卒業証書授与式 式辞
Principal's Graduation Address March 2nd, 2018

Principal’s speech at Graduation Ceremony             March 2nd, 2018

      Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, honorable guests, and most importantly, all the young adults receiving their diplomas here today at GKA’s fifth graduation ceremony. It’s really a great pleasure to extend my sincere appreciation to each and every one of you for coming here today.
      We can stillfeel the chilly air in the sweet breath of spring, while plants and trees are beginning to bud and come into bloom. It’s so heartwarming for me to see you, each and every one of the twelfth-grade students here at this ceremony as we celebrate your graduation from senior high school. Your parents must be filled with immense pride and delight after having worked so hard to bring you up, seeing you on this special day.     
      Twelfth graders, you stand here at the threshold of a new stage of your life. You look great all dressed up for the ceremony today. Almost twelve years have passed since you entered GKA as first graders, and today you are leaving the campus as our fifth graduating class. Time flies. You were just eighth graders when I first met you at this campus. I fondly remember visiting official sports venues and encouraging you to compete to the best of your abilities. As you moved on to higher grades, you steadily matured and now are independent and dependable.      
        We have every reason to be proud of all of you as members of a great graduating class. I wish every graduating student the best of luck as you conclude this chapter in your life and look forward to more adventures and achievements.      
      Now, please permit me to offer a few final words as a parting gift. 
      First, however tough and complex they may be, you must make your own judgments in order to carry out your own missions. Don’t worry about whether you can meet the challenges ahead. You are gaining strength and wisdom as you set new goals and advance steadily to fulfill your plans and dreams. A book entitled ‘How you should live your life’ is now a best seller. The author, Mr. Genzaburo Yoshino conveys great advice to his readers. If you are to be indispensable members of society, you will need to make the most of your own experience and make your own decisions. I guarantee you will be able to put all you’ve learned into practice, you have had so much training in critical thinking here at GKA.
      Second, I would like to mention one special asset that you have all acquired at GKA, and that is the English language. For the last twelve years, you have immersed yourselves in subjects and other activities through this language. Please strive to learn   and build on the skills you have acquired here. Try to explore what you don’t yet know as students. As responsible adults out in society, you will need to form a lifelong perspective on learning. At home and abroad, society has been changing drastically. To keep up with it and be able to collaborate appropriately with people from around the world, your command of English gives you a tremendous advantage that you will carry with you throughout your long lives. English is a skill that you will make much of throughout your lives as a powerful means of communication.      
      Third, I would like all of you to have a keen desire to serve others. That means not only your close friends and family but also the people of the community and those living far away from wherever you are. The great Russian novelist, Aleksei Tolstoi, has written, “The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.” In addition to respecting other people and their differing cultures, I earnestly hope that you will treasure your esteem for Japanese traditions and sense of identity as responsible citizens. This will hopefully make you more globally oriented. It is so exciting to imagine that many of you will be actively contributing to a global society as GKA graduates in the years to come. Believe in yourselves and try your hardest. You can do it.      
        Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our guests and parents for their contribution, cooperation and understanding of all the challenging educational principles practiced at GKA. And especially to you, the twelfth graders leaving school today, let me wish you all the very best. As GKA graduates you will have confidence and pride regardless of where you wind up in the future, whether in Japan or across the seas. We wish you health and happiness throughout your long lives. As you leave school on this delightful early spring day, may every one of you embark on a brilliant, happy and productive future.

March 2nd, 2018               Gunma Kokusai Academy Senior High School 
                                        Principal, Shizue Yoshida 

            第5回卒業証書授与式 式辞 


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