夏休み前全校集会校長講話 2018年7月24日
Principal's Address at the School Assembly Before the Summer Break July, 24th, 2018

    Good morning, everyone. The long-awaited summer vacation will start tomorrow, which means you will have plenty of time that you can use freely, even though some homework may have already been assigned to you.
   Speaking of time,  I remember an interesting and strange comment in the book , YoujouKun, written by Kaibara Ekken , who lived in Japan as a famous scholar in the Edo era more than 300 years ago.  Almost all the contents of the book were written about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy throughout our lives.  But there is only one sentence that seems to have no relation to our healthy lifestyles, which is about our perception of the passage of time.    
     He said in his book that the time of old people  goes by  ten times faster than that of young people. I was very shocked to know that, because if  it were true, my ten years would be nearly equal to your only one year. Of course, the watch of mine gains at the same speed as the watches of yours.  So what he said in his book wasn’t based on scientific research, but the moment I read this sentence, I quite agreed to it. Because I thought when I was a little kid,  one day was actually longer,  one week was much longer  and one year was so much longer than the time I have now.  Then in order to make sure what other people around me think of it, I told it to my colleagues who were about the same age as me. Surprisingly no one denied  what I said to them, “The older we grow, the faster time goes by”. 
     After that I researched about it and I’ve found that several scientists reported their comments about our perception of the passage of time. It's common knowledge that our perception can be influenced by psychological factors: for example, time goes by quickly when we're busy, but really goes by slowly when we're waiting for something or someone.
     However, more scientifically speaking, such different perceptions of time are said to be caused by the activities of our brains. When waiting, we are thinking about various kinds of possibilities and imagining lots of things that may happen. But when we are busy in doing plenty of assigned works, we are likely to do them, habitually or customarily, without thinking deeply.
     As you know, little kids keep moving and playing all the time without stopping to take a rest.  It is obvious that their brains are always active.  On the contrary, the brains of old people gradually reduce their activities. As a result, aged people usually tend to lose curiosity about new things and want to stay at home just peacefully.
     Now I think you are so lucky to know the way to make your summer vacation longer.  If you don’t waste your time and put your time to good use, for example, challenging what you’ve never done before, your summer vacation will become longer.
     In addition to that, I recommend each of you to have your short-term goal specifically for whatever you like.
     Now it is too hot to stay here for a long time even in the morning. I conclude my speech with saying that I would like to see all of you with brilliant smiles one month later.
    Thank you for your listening.

 まだ午前中なのにこの体育館もとても暑くなりました。1カ月後、輝く笑顔の皆さんに会えることを楽しみにしています、とお伝えして私のスピーチを終わりにします。   ご清聴ありがとうございました。