冬休み前全校集会校長講話 2018年12月18日
Principal's Address at Secondary School Assembly Before Winter Break December, 18th, 2018

       Good afternoon, everyone. At first, I would like to tell you three 11th grade students were selected as a high-achieving team to the final round of the World Scholar’s Cup 2018. Through the Tokyo round, and the Kuala Lumpur round, they could move onto the Tournament of champions held at Yale University in November. I think the World Scholar’s Cup is one of the most academic and educational events in the world for high school students. I’m so proud of being reported that they got 32nd in writing section and 137th in debate section out of nearly 700 selected teams from all over the world. Three GKA students had a precious experience with the other excellent students coming from 50 different countries. I hope many of you will follow them next year.
       By the way, Yale University has the third longest history of  all the universities of  the United States. The foundation of it was in 1701, at the beginning of 18th century. At that time, Japan was in the Edo era, taking up National Isolation Policy against foreign countries.  But in 1853, about 150 years after the foundation of Yale University,  one of graduates of Yale University  came to Japan with a squadron of 4 black ships.  He was Commodore Perry who was assigned a mission by the American President to go to Japan  and  force the opening of Japanese ports to American trade. 
       Perry was a very intelligent person and  was so much surprised to see Japanese people in those days extremely well-mannered.  Perry wrote in his book  that he had never seen people who had the elegance and dignity like Japanese people. Perry knew that the level of human character can be judged by seeing how well-mannered the people are. That judgement applies not only to the people who lived in the past but to the people living in this world right now. So this point of view is universal.
       Before beginning  a conversation with a person we meet for the first time, we usually judge the character of the person by seeing his or her appearance and the attitude, namely, how well-mannered the person is. However, to be well-mannered is not pretending to be well-mannered.  The behavior of  being well mannered comes naturally from inside of our character. That’s why being well-mannered is regarded as one of the most important criteria to judge people. That’s why dignity is one of the three principles of  GKA.
       Finally, I would like to mention about TEDx which was held on Sunday 9th this month. It was amazing that four 9th grade students, voluntarily and willingly, planned and carried out such a big worldwide event. Moreover, lots of students and teachers were cooperative and participated in the event as lecturers or volunteer staff. TEDx was a great success owing to the overall capabilities of GKA. I believe this marvelous event is an important turning point for our school to further improve and become a leading school of Japanese education in the near future. Thank you for your attention.

 ところで、エール大学はアメリカの全ての大学の中で、3番目に歴史の古い大学です。創立は1701年で、18世紀の初めになります。その頃日本は江戸時代であり、外国に対して鎖国政策をとっていました。ところが1853年、エール大学の創立から約150年が過ぎたとき、一人のエール大学卒業生が4隻の黒船とともに日本を訪れました。 その人とは日本に開国を迫ったペリー提督であり、アメリカ大統領の特命を受けて日本に来たのでした。