第6回卒業証書授与式 校長式辞
Principal's Graduation Address March 2nd, 2019

       Honorable guests, dear parents, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for attending GKA’s 6th graduation ceremony. 
   At this time of the year, we are starting to feel the fresh breeze of spring, even though the mountains surrounding us are still white and covered with snow. Yet, it purifies our hearts, and it promises us that fresh buds will bloom, and the earth will come to life again. Graduations, like spring is not the end, it is a new beginning, a new chapter.
       While I congratulate the graduating students, I am overjoyed to see you joining us at this ceremony. We are so grateful to be sharing with our dear parents the immense pleasure that this important day brings. It is the fruit of all the efforts and sacrifices made in bringing up children to reach this momentous achievement.
       Having met all the requirements for graduation, I have just presented the high school diplomas to the graduating class. I am positive that you have stored precious memories of GKA right from the beginning all the way to this important moment; a milestone in your life.
       For the graduating students, your education at GKA will end soon. However, education continues all throughout your life. A much deeper understanding of education may be compared to the moment when meeting others. You always learn something new from others, whether through simple talk, working together, or by just observing. Learning never stops.
       To become a lifelong learner is essential for a lifelong happiness. Learning new thing is inevitable. It helps you adapt to the world which is rapidly changing; a lot more than we are expecting.
       And I hope for you to be an outstanding lifelong learner, someone who respects everyone around you. It is very natural that we pay close attention to the manners and traits of people we respect. So the more people you respect, the more you learn.
       But there are times when it is difficult to respect people who judge others by superiority, value, and benefits. Instead of estimating and comparing people, I recommend that you just simply “learn”. When you see a good trait in a person, you absorb the good trait for yourself. If you see a bad trait in a person, you reflect on it and think if you act in the same manner or not.  As long as you keep such attitude, you will continue to learn throughout your life. Learning improves all of us. Education strengthens all of us.
       Now, you are ready to move on to new and even more exciting challenges. It’s spring. A lot of flowers bloom in spring. But there are flowers that bloom in the rainy season. Some flowers bloom in hot summer. Some in the freezing winter. Like the flowers, you have your own timing to bloom. I am very certain that each one of you will have your own perfect time to bloom in your life.
   As a parting gesture to the graduating students,  it is with great pride and sincerity that I wish each one of you the very best of luck in the greatest adventures and many, many possibilities that will come your way. May god bless you all. Thank you for listening.