6学年:能、狂言 鑑賞・体験教室・ Grade 6: Noh and Kyogen Appreciation and Hands-on Experience














On the afternoons of December 11 (Mon.) and 12 (Tue.), grade 6 students had the opportunity to experience and appreciate Noh and Kyogen.

During the Noh experience, the students got to wear masks and learned how to do the foot-sliding technique of movement. They were surprised at how narrow their field of vision was.

In the Kyogen experience, they practiced expressing joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure in this style. Students enjoyed themselves trying to show these feelings.

They watched two plays, Kyogen “Kakiyamabushi” and Noh “Tsuchigumo”. At GKA we believe it is important for our students to experience and learn to appreciate traditional Japanese performing arts forms as they become global citizens.