Grade 4 and Grade 1 Twin Class Activity

G4 and G1 First Twin Class Activity     ツインクラス活動(4学年と1学年)




The first twin class activity of G4 and G1 was held on May 2nd. The G4 students couldn’t contain their excitement as they led the first graders to do all the activities that they planned for this day. 

The G4 students and G1 students were grouped together according to their color groups in the class. G4 students guided and helped their younger buddy to complete the introduction cards. The younger students cooperated very well as the G4 students gave instructions on how the activity should be done. 

Both G4 and G1 students were able to enjoy the activities, especially as they played together on the school grounds. The G4 students truly exemplified the qualities of good leaders to their younger buddies.