Grade 6: Exchange with a Hong Kong Elementary School 6年生:香港児童との交流


5月16日、香港のLaichikoku Catholic小学校から36名の児童が本校を訪れました。




Grade 6: Exchange with a Hong Kong Elementary School

On May 16, 36 students from Laichikok Catholic Primary School in Hong Kong visited GKA.

After deepening their understanding of each other through presentations on Japan, Hong Kong, and school life, the students sang songs, danced, played the piano, and played games with each other.

They ate lunch together and played together during lunch break as if they had known each other for a long time. I was impressed by the way our sixth graders interacted with each other, all in English.

It was impressive to hear the children say that by understanding how they felt as hosts, they were able to see what they should be careful about when they themselves are hosted.