ワールド・スカラーズ・カップ国際大会 / World Scholar’s Cup Global Round




In June 2019, The World Scholar’s Cup Global Round was held in Beijing, China. From Gunma Kokusai Academy, 27 students who passed the Tokyo Round participated in the Global Round. This was the second time the GKA students participation in the Global Round.

World Scholar’s Cup is an academic competition where students in the groups of three tackle with essay, debate, quiz and so on. GKA students enjoyed academically stimulating experience and interactions with students from all over the world.

Congratulations to all students who brought back a lot of awards! We’ll be excited to see many students participate in the World Scholar’s Cup again next year!

The WSC Beijing Global Round stage

The WSC ‘Alpaca Oath,’ where the scholars adopt their brand-new alpacas

Students at the Summer Palace

Students in front of the Great Wall of China

Alpacas on their way home