High-school Students Booth / 高等部生徒による学校生活紹介

2019年6月12日(水)、SHIPのご協力により、高等部生徒による学校生活の紹介イベント「High-school Students Booth」が、下級生の生徒・保護者の皆様を対象として行われました。



On June 12th (Wed.), the High-School Students’ Booth was held under the cooperation of the SHIP parents. At the booth, our senior high students explained about their school lives to the lower-grade students and their parents.

The presentation was content rich, explaining about the broadened opportunities in the senior high school, and the features of IB Programme, with messages to the junior and younger students.

We’d like to share the whole presentation here. We hope that many of you, especially the parents who could not attend the meeting, view and enjoy.