Tokyo Yamathon 2019

Tokyo Yamathon is a charity walking event which participants walk around Yamanote Line in Tokyo while taking team pictures in all stations. A team is formed by 3 to 4 members. Every year, the participation fee is donated to a charitable organization; this year, it was donated to Yokohama Kodomo Hospice.



In 2016, one team participated in Yamathon for the first time from GKA. Last year, the first GKA student volunteer helped the event. This year, we brought in a total of 50 GKA volunteers, helping to liven up the event.


Yamathon Volunteer Video by IVG

This year, there was a number of GKA partication. There were students, faculty members, and one parent. It is quite a challenge to walk around Yamanote Line since the distance is over 40 kilometers. We struggled, but we got back on our feet when saw other GKA teams, and managed to fight over our own individual challenge. It was a big relief when we saw the student volunteers at Mejiro and at the goal!