9年生臓器移植に関する講演会Grade 9 Lecture: Organ Transplantation


An organ transplantation lecture was held for the 9th grade students. The lecture was organized by four volunteer students. Before the lecture was held, these students explained to the teachers about the educational purposes of this lecture by having a presentation, and after discussions among the teachers, they decided to hold the lecture. Here are comments from the organizers.


Explaining about the necessity of this lecture to the teachers was not an easy thing to do, but I think our theme “organ transplantation” made the explanation even more difficult. These days, “organ transplantation” is being taught in the Morals class, but not in detail, because “Humans’ deaths”are discussed in this topic. So we knew that it was difficult to learn about it in more details. Therefore, it was not easy to explain about this topic from the educational perspective as well. Moreover, we had to explain what kinds of advantages students can have by having this lecture and the necessity of it in details. After our presentation, we received many questions and there were questions which took us a long time to answer. For example, “Compared to the other foreign countries, why is Japan’s organ transplantation system not so developed?”. This is one of the questions that we struggled to answer.  I also felt it very difficult to give persuasive answers to those questions.
Miyu Kushida


I was interested about organ transplantation since I took part in the event held by the hospital where Mr. Inaba works.  I researched and studied  about organ transplant but through this lecture, I was able to learn new things about it. Other than basic knowledge about organ transplant, I was able to listen his experience. The purpose of our activity was quite obscure when we first started, and we could not surely decide what to aim. However, I think we are certain now about the reason why we did this and how to work together.
Rion Kondo