Sports dayを終えて/About the Sports Day





生徒会員 8年 村井あいな 


  On the 17th of September, we had our first Sports Day organized by the Student Council. We asked each committee to contribute to Sports Day and they helped lead the Sports Day to become a successful event. The sports committee supported the events, and I would like to give my sincere thanks to the leader of sports committee for being a great help in organizing the sports day.

       Us, the Student Council members were all excited to have the opportunity to run Sports Day with the help of the PE teachers, and I think we did well, considering the fact that it was our first time to organize this event and only the second time that Sports Day has taken place at Ota Sports Park.

       I enjoyed the events very much, especially the relay, because it was very inspiring and entertaining to see our principal Mr. Kaneko run in the relay. I hope there will be fun events like this in future Sports Days and hope that many of the students enjoyed the Sports Day this year.

Grade 8 Aina Murai – Student Council Member