落合陽一氏とピクシーダストテクノロジーズとのZoomミーティング / Zoom Meeting with Dr. Yoichi Ochiai and Pixie Dust Technology, Inc.




On Monday, May 18, computer scientist Dr. Yoichi Ochiai and the staff of Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc., where he serves as CEO, interviewed us about distance education and online classes at GKA Secondary School. We also had an opportunity to ask questions to Dr. Ochiai and the engineers of the company about their projects.

About 50 students and teachers participated in the event, sharing their knowledge and experiences of the online classes we started in March from the perspectives of both students and teachers. There were so many questions and opinions that it was hard to keep up with the chat section, and at the end of the meeting, some students were asking for a second session.

Being connected online with Dr. Ochiai and the staff of Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. was a great experience for students and teachers. Thank you very much.