【Grade 7】オーストラリアとの国際交流・協働プロジェクト International Exchange and Collaboration Project with Australian School

本校7年生は、オーストラリアオリンピック委員会が主催するAustralia Olympic Connect Tomodachi 2021というプログラムに参加し、ニューサウスウェールズ州のSt Peter’s Anglican Collegeの7、8年生と国際協働プロジェクトを行っています。その様子をテレビや新聞で取り上げていただきました。
Our 7th graders participated in the Australia Olympic Connect Tomodachi 2021 program sponsored by the Australian Olympic Committee, and they are working with 7th and 8th graders from St Peter’s Anglican College in New South Wales on an international collaborative project. The project was covered by TV and newspapers. The program has been featured on TV and in newspapers.
Every year our 6th graders do a homestay in Australia, but last year it was not possible due to the new coronavirus. Although this will not be a substitute for the homestay experience, we hope that the students will have an opportunity to enjoy international exchange and collaboration with Australian students of the same age.
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