本校の授業の取り組みが『東洋経済』にて取り上げられました / Collaborative Learning by Movie Creation


東洋経済education×ICT education特集 「協働的な学び」動画作りで簡単に実践できる訳

東洋経済education×ICT education特集 映像制作通じて「探究活動」する学校が増える理由




We would like to share you the website of “TOYO KEIZAI ONLINE” which featured GKA Secondary School’s lessons incorporating movie creation. Please have a look at the websites below.

“Why creating movie can enhance collaborative learning?”

“The reason why more and more schools adopted inquiry based learning with movie creation.”

At GKA Secondary School, we incorporate various media such as photos and movies not only essays or exams as a form of the assignment using 1-on-1 Chromebooks.