令和3年度 ぐんま国際アカデミー高等部 卒業証書授与式 / GKA Graduation Ceremony 2022



On Tuesday 1st March 2022, the 9th Graduation Ceremony of Gunma Kokusai Academy Secondary School was held. In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we had to reduce the size of the ceremony, but 63 students completed their education and graduated. Congratulations on your graduation!

The below is the Principal’s Speech.


   Honorable guests, dear parents, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!
   I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for attending GKA’s 9th graduation ceremony. 
   I am extremely grateful to be sharing with our dear parents the greatest pleasure that today brings. And I would also like to express my sincere respect to the parents. When your children look in the mirror, they can see the uncompromised sacrifices that you have made in order for them to be here today. Behind the strong belief that they have developed in themselves at GKA is the loving and decisive belief that came first from their parents.
   At the graduation ceremony last year, I told the graduates that we are at a critical juncture in our history with the world changing so rapidly. Stephen Hawking once said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. I more than ever feel that we need to have the skills and courage to leave conventional thinking behind and adapt ourselves to the ever-changing environment of the modern world.
  Recently, we sometimes hear the expression ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ or ‘SDGs’. GKA students are familiar with these 17 goals, which were adopted by the United Nation member states in 2015. The plan is to deliver them by 2030, but I am concerned that we are going to face a population explosion in the near future.
   Looking back at the history of mankind, two thousand years ago, the population of the world was one hundred million, which is nearly the same as all the population of Japan at present. One thousand years ago, there were a hundred and thirty million. One hundred years ago, there were one billion and 6 hundred million. And now the world’s population is going to be 8 billion, which is, amazingly, 80 times larger than that of two thousand years ago. The size of the earth stays the same. Obviously, a food crisis will come in the near future. What I am most concerned about is when it will come.
   You may think there are so many other problems concerned with sustainable development that we must deal with, such as climate change, flooding, drought, desertification, soil erosion, and abnormally high and low temperatures. Each one will greatly influence agricultural production around the world. No one can deny that it will be difficult for us to continue living in the same manner as we have till now with the comforting assumption that it will resemble the past.
   This is a global problem, but I can’t help but feel that it is closely connected to the way each of us is living.
   In order to suit their own needs and desires, humans have, for centuries, detrimentally modified the physical environment surrounding them without changing their own ways of living. Trying to change what’s inside rather than what’s outside, I think, this is a key to living in harmony with everything. Ideally, if each of us could live in harmony with everything and everyone, each family, each town, and each country could do the same, then the world would exist in harmony.
Everyone likes improvement, but change can be painful and requires a lot of energy. But by changing the way we live, we will surely, by and by, reduce the possibility of involvement in troubles.
   I believe all of you have learned, through the IB philosophy, how to become lifelong learners who can continue to change for the better and adjust yourselves to each and every environment that destiny might bring your way. All of you are on a continuous journey of learning and self-improvement. I hope each one will be a lifelong improver.
   Finally, I would like to say to the graduating students , as some parting words, that I am proud of you. I really hope you will do your level best wherever you are. And I wish each one of you all the best in your future.
   May God bless you all.  Thank you for listening.