12-Years Unified School Program

Meaning of 12-year Unified Education

There are various ways that we implement our 12-year unified education.

Based on a school curriculum and philosophy that remains consistent through the elementary to secondary school, it is possible to develop different skills and abilities systematically over a long term. English ability grows from a basic conversational level to a level needed to write disciplinary essays at university. Because students have no need to prepare for junior high and senior high entrance exams, they can focus on developing fundamental academic abilities. This is achieved through practice discussions and presentations. Throughout this process, they nurture their own thoughts and opinions with teachers and friends from different backgrounds and learn to respect the values of other people.

Information regarding students is shared with teachers in elementary and secondary school, helping to support them individually. Thus they actively challenge and gain quality experiences in and outside school such as extra curricular activities and volunteer activities depending on their interests.

In addition, by learning in this unique environment for 12 years, they get to know each other deeply and create strong bonds that help them grow more. This fosters life-long friendships in all our students that last a life-time after graduating.


*From 2025, we will have IB courses only.  

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