Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Gunma Kokusai Academy will empower its students with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to, and provide leadership in, an ever-advancing global community. With the implementation of an English immersion-based curriculum, taught by a capable faculty of Japanese and foreign teachers, Gunma Kokusai Academy will challenge every student academically, morally, artistically, and physically.

Students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the cultural diversity of the world we live in. And with the parallel teaching of the Japanese language and Japanese culture and history, students will maintain their esteem for Japanese traditions and their sense of identity as responsible Japanese citizens. Ultimately, Gunma Kokusai Academy graduates will pursue distinguished careers within Japan or internationally.

The School Seal

This school seal was designed by Sanae Nagashima, a graphic designer.
This design used the shape of Gunma Prefecture to resemble a lively human and marked Ota city using the green color of the pine trees, the symbol of Mt. Kanayama.
This seal incorporates images of GKA’s ideals to develop human resources who will play an active role at the international level.

School Principles

知性 Knowledge

創造 Creativity

品格 Dignity

School History

Establishment and Purpose of GKA

2003 April 21 The plan was approved by the Prime Minister under the enacted special zone law.
2004 December 28 Educational Foundation of Ota Kokusai Gakuen was founded.
2005 February 28 Elementary School building was completed.
April 1 Gunma Kokusai Academy of Educational Foundation of Ota Kokusai Gakuen opened. The original Chairman was Mr. Masayoshi Shimizu and Dr. Eugene E. Cooper was the original Principal.
April 6 Gunma Kokusai Academy Opening Ceremony was held in the morning. First Entrance Ceremony of the GKA elementary school was held in the afternoon.
2007 January 9 Secondary School Preparation Office started.
December 7,  8 The first Immersion Symposium was held (MEXT Educational Reform Model Project).
2008 April 7 Junior High School opened.
2009 March 27 New Elementary School building was completed.
2010 November 15 The school submitted the application A to IBO to become a candidate school for IBDP.
November 24 The school became an IBDP candidate school.
December 11 The second Immersion Symposium/Open House was held.
2011 April 1 Senior High School opened in Uchigashima Campus. The Junior High was moved to the same campus.
May 31 IB Verification Visit.
September 21 Senior High School Opening Ceremony.
September 27 IB Final authorization visit (for 3 days).
October 20 Authorized to offer Diploma Programme by International Baccalaureate.
2012 April 1 Overseas University course (IB course) and Japanese University course started.
2013 April 1 All grades, from the 1st grade to the 12th grade, were enrolled as of this day.
December 13, 14 The third Immersion Symposium was held.
2014 February 27 Secondary School New gymnasium was completed.
March 1 The First Senior High School Graduation Ceremony was held. 17 students entered GKA from their 4th grade were the first GKA graduates.
March 28 Secondary School A new three-storied school building with 9 classrooms was completed.
2016 November 26 The fourth Immersion Symposium/Open House was held.
2018 September 30 The school submitted the application to IBO to become a candidate school for MYP.
2019 March 1 Became an MYP candidate school.
2022 March 8 Became an MYP authorized school