School Orientation

School Orientation

The elementary school orientation on September 5th, 2020 ended


Registration for the elementary school orientation on September 5th, 2020 is now closed.

Information about the elementary school orientation

【Regarding the orientation on September 5th, Saturday】

・The application for the orientation on September 5th (sat.) can be done here.

・In regard to the orientation on September 5th and in compliance with the coronavirus preventive measures, we will divide the participants into 2 groups. Starting time for each group will be staggered. We consider the class observation (2nd and 3rd periods only) of most importance.   

・The details about the child care service for September 5th is uploaded below. 


Place Gunma Kokusai Academy, Gymnasium (69-1 Nishihoncho, Ota-city, Gunma)
  • Parents interested in sending their child to GKA Elementary School.
    However, we will give priority of parents of prospective grade 1 students in April 2021 or April 2022.
  • Orientation is intended for adults to avoid disturbing classes during observations.
    There is a Day Care service to accommodate those with young children. Prior reservation is required for this service.
  • We do not accept applications from juku schools (entrance exam prep schools).
    We do accept juku schools to visit GKA. Please refer to “School Visit” for more information

School Visit

Fee No Charge
Entry to the Orientations
  • Those interested in participating must send in an orientation registration form prior to the orientation date.
    We accept applications via our website.
  • We will send confirmation letters to those who signed up for the orientations. We will send letters by early June for the participants of the 1st orientation participants and mid August for the participants of the 2nd orientation participants. Please make sure to send us complete information about your name, address, phone number and email address in the registration form.
  • These are joint orientations of both GKA Elementary School and Preschool.
  • Please bring indoor shoes and a bag for carrying your outdoor shoes.
  • Parking space is available in GKA school ground, but it is limited. Participants are encouraged to car pool or use public transportation. (Taxi from Ota station. Or 20 min on foot from Ota Station.)